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  1. Man I wish I noticed this! I just had the truck lined up yesterday. That Sucks!! Looks like ill fix it and like it up the old school way till I lower it right.
  2. So I bought a 2009 single cab 2wd GMC sierra. I ordered lowering shackles because it has one heck of a rake. I have read online people talking how bad the rake is on the reg cabs. The other day I was under it looking and notice that it already has bell tech shackles and the 1in block is gone. It still has a heck of a rake. So this thing has to be lowered in the front but I don't see how. The springs have a GM bar code, the struts have a GM bar code. The arms look stock and the spindle don't look to be a drop spindle. I'm going to post some pics maybe someone will see something I'm missing. Thanks for the help! It's only letting me load one pic for some reason.
  3. Yea I was also suprised under the hood to find 5 wires balled up that are a 12v source incase I ever need to add anything. Nice to see GM thinking ahead.
  4. Looks like i finally found a good wiring diagram. Those 5 wires are for a trailer brake. Looks like I need to unhook it from the fuse block so its not hot and just leave it taped up. Maybe this will help someone in the future.
  5. Was changing my brake light switch to fix my issue with the cruise sometimes not coming on. I noticed a few wires just tucked up under the dash that are cut and going to nothing. The larger red wire is a constant hot with a full 12v going to it. Anyone have any idea at all what these use to go to? I bought the truck a couple weeks ago and don't have any issue with anything not working and can't find them in a wiring diagram. I really can't find a good diagram. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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