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  1. That’s a problem in this country. I think many more people would do this if they didn’t have to worry about benefits like health insurance. Many people are a slave to their current occupation because of this issue.
  2. I am struggling with what I will get in the next 6 months or so. I like my 2017 White GMC Sierra SLE Crew Cab. I would like a little more interior style and quality. My wife's 2016 Charger has a nicer interior than most GM products. Leather, heated/ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, etc. which many have, but also nice ambient lighting, a nicer radio with things like favorite artist alert. Displays album cover, little things like that. To my knowledge, even the Denali doesn't do things like that. The interior looks the same from my 2017 to the new 2019. I am not in love with the new wheel well shape. I just don't know that I want a new GMC or even Silverado. I am not a Ford fan (except for Mustangs) so that's not an option at this point. I know Dodge as QC issues, but my wife's 2016 Charger has been a great car. Fun to drive, looks sexy for her and has some get up and go. Once they get the "kinks" that any new model has worked out, I may have to look at a Ram. I want a nice interior. Honestly, if I didn't need to haul kids and stuff, I'd just bu a Mustang and deal with the 15-20 days a year where I can't drive until later in the day because of snow and waiting for streets to get plowed.
  3. I’m not a huge Ford fan - except Mustangs. When the time is closer I may try renting - or get the dealer to let me drive something - for the weekend. I thought I liked the Traverse as it’s bigger but it looks so plain.
  4. I would like a Denali, but it would have to be used, and even then they are ridiculously expensive - at least around here. And, I'm not sure I'm in love with the new wheel well design. Also, we can take myself, my wife, our 2 kids AND 2 of their friends for short trips to games or concerts or whatever is we want. The SLT and Denali eliminate that option. It's kind of nice right now. Guess I'm kind of talking myself into keeping my base model SLE. It does have a few things though. Adjustable pedals, power sliding rear window, heated (cloth) seats, rear park assist, traction control, trailer brake - if I ever use one, etc. It's a Z71. No leather, or heated steering, or cool ambient lighting (all things my wife's Charger has) but still a nice truck. It's be expensive to buy out after the lease is up in a few months but it's still cheaper than buying some other used truck. And I know this one has been maintained well.
  5. When I check my display it seems that when in Auto mode, I'm always in 4x4. Whenever I check to see, even on a dry road, it's in 4x4 mode. I just run in 2WD unless we get snow or it's icy.
  6. Not too worried about MPG right now. The truck is big as far as parking and stuff sometimes. I do sometimes think I'd like m a little more interior storage, but the big SUV's - even used - are so expensive. And like you said, even if I don't haul that much, it's nice to be able to if I want. It's not that big a deal to put stuff in the box, I have a cover, but in the winter it kind of sucks when your luggage gets cold.
  7. My 5.3 doesn't do that well. I get 20 on the highway, maybe 11 in town. Cold weather has en effect of course, running time, and lots of 4 wheel, although I am setting it to 2 WD unless there's snow on the road.
  8. Hey guys, I haven't been here long but do enjoy reading the discussions. Here's my issue. I really like my truck. I know they aren't perfect, the transmission isn't great, the AFM thing, etc. I don' t tow a trailer...eve. I haul stuff once in a while...bikes, leaves, nothing heavy duty. Seems like a waste to have this big truck. However, when I look at SUV's - that aren't huge - I don't really like or see myself driving any of them. The Traverse is OK, but pretty boring. I like the look of my simple truck better. I wish I had a couple things that I don't. I have heated seats (I live in North Dakota) and auto start. No heated steering wheel like my wife's Charger. Other than that, I don't mind the front bench instead of buckets. We can seat 6 which I like. When kids bring a friend or whatever. Any thoughts?
  9. This thread makes me think of a couple years ago when I traded my Vista Blue 06GT for my truck. I miss it. In hind sight, I could have probably kept it but... My son loved it, too.
  10. I’ve been driving my 2017 SLE 5.3L for 2 years. It’s been a great truck. 18,000 miles, 3 oil changes and no issues. Everyone says there are all these problems. What are they?
  11. I have been driving my 2017 5.3L SLE for two years. So far I can’t really complain. Maybe I’m not as “in touch” as some here, but it seems like a nice truck. I don’t notice all the issues that some do. Shakes, slow acceleration, shifting I maybe notice but I’m not sure. I don’t like the new Sierra. The Silverado is ok but not super. I want to like the Ram but I can’t get there either, although I think you get more bang for the buck. I have never liked Ford - except for Mustangs. The more I think about it, the more I think if I’m in a truck in a year, it’ll probably be my 2017 Sierra. A level, some wheels and a few minor mods and I think I’d have a really nice truck.
  12. I used Magnaflow on my Mustang GT and they were awesome. I like more subtle and the throaty rumble. If I keep my leased 2017 I will do that for sure.
  13. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but I must have bad eyes. I just haven’t warmed up to the new styling. I’m leasing a 2017 and will need to make a decision next year. I’m leaning to keeping mine. It’s nothing special. 5.3L SLE with a few options (adjustable pedals, power rear window, bed lighting, power driver and heated front seats) but it’s been a nice truck. If I went new today I’d look at Silverado. I can’t get past the wheel wells on the new GMC. My OCD kicks in I guess. Honestly though, for the cost of a new truck (lease or buy) I don’t know that the gains in features justify the expense. A few tasty mods to my 2017 and I’d have a nice truck for hopefully many years.
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