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  1. Yes I heard about them and heard how they sound on nbs silverado and they do sound pretty good never heard them in person though
  2. Mine has 1"7/8 longtube headers offroad catless y-pipe 3" exhaust borla xr-1 #40085 k&n 57 series fipk street tune with hptuners so it breaths pretty good
  3. Lol yeah Im not a fan of slowmaster and it is bad all chambered mufflers from slowmaster are very restricted and have shit load of back pressure so thats not very good for performance at all dynomax is way better also magnaflow carven corsa and borla
  4. I want to tap in into the rear left pillar not the very front ones
  5. The xr1 my chevy gots its kind of loud well at a cold start not to loud when engine settles or warms up but when I stomp on it that what I love it opens up so well.
  6. Idk if it does have one but I want to tap in the wires on the left pillar and the color of speaker wires from gmc & chevy the same
  7. Ok guys just a little battle what muffler is better for over all performance flowmaster aka chokemaster or borla xr1 round muffler #40058 which is the one my 2013 has with ARH 1"7/8 catless longtube headers 3" exhaust pipe.
  8. Hey guys I need help I want to a install a line output converter to a 2017 chevy silverado 1500 lt and I wanna tap into the wires that are in the left pillar does anyone know what wire color is for both rear speakers positive and negative.
  9. I already know that but my truck already has a bit of hp gain has longtube headers offroad catless y/pipe cat was placed bit futher back already deleted it
  10. Well my truck doesnt have have stock manifold it has longtube headers catless y pipe and the catalytic converter is placed further back the y pipe oh and its getting re-tuned afterwards
  11. I went out of town today truck ran fine and was idleling fine I want where I live and died 3 times the engine light came on it was a p0101 which supposedly its the maf sensor which I already replaced it last week my truck does have a 57 series k&n fipk does that have to do anything or what are the causes of the code p0101 any help or ideas thanks.
  12. Ok cat is being removed next week thanks everybody for the help on removing catalytic converter.
  13. So that means there wouldnt be any problem removing the cat since the oxygen sensors after the cat are already deleted???
  14. Well the oxygen sensors after the cat are allready deleted and the cat is not placed where its supposed to go its father back I think the truck wasnt running with cats I think the dealership or previous owner put it on.
  15. My 13 silverado has 5.3 with longtube headers catless offroad y pipe but does have a cat like 12 to 14" from the y pipe and I want to remove the catalytic converter will my truck run good without it or will it need to be re tuned downstream oxygen sensors are deleted also
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