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  1. I got the motofab 3" front and 2" rear. Can it work with ur same setup 305 65 18 on stock wheels with 2" borla spacers Thanx Chris
  2. I'm thinking about running 305 65 18 on stock wheels with 2" borla spacers. Im just asking if anybody rub at all. I got the motofab 3/2 Thanx
  3. Oh that cool. I can get away with 2 inch wheel spacer.....thanx
  4. Do u have any problems at full lock? My upper control arm is hitting something I don't know what. I think I need some wheel spacers to take care of that problem. I think I have a +30 range offset...........thanx
  5. I got 2016 sliverado 2wd 1500. Im running the motofab 3 front and 2 rear. I have 285 75 18 stock wheels. I'm having issues at full lock. What can I do to avoid that iusse?..........thanx guys
  6. I'm new to this I probably know this was bought up I'm running 3 inch front and 2 rear. I want to run 285 75 18 on my stock wheels. I wonder if any guys run this and have any rub and trim to do Thanx Chris
  7. I'm getting the motofab 3 front and 2 rear can those 35 work on stock 18 Thanx
  8. Can a 3 inch front and 2 inch in back can clear for 285 75 18 on my 2016 chevy
  9. What size of tires are those and those stock 18 wheels I wanna run motofab 3 front and 2 back Thanx
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