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  1. Bought my RST double cab last Friday. Sticker was $51,500. I paid $41,500 for the truck, $43,000 out the door. Dealer came off $3500 and had $3500 in rebates. The biggie was an additional $3000 off from the GM card. One of the rebates required GM financing and the best rate was 7.4%, nasty, with a 858 credit score. I am preapproved with my credit union for 3.49% and will refi once the 3 months are up. Its my local dealer and certainly don't want to screw them on that rebate. The F&I guy even told me to take my 4th loan statement to the credit union and refi when the statement comes in. I am happy with the deal and the truck.
  2. Pictures on the net don't do it justice. My local dealer traded for it from one 50 miles away. I was blown away happy when I saw it in person.
  3. Pickup up my Silverado RST Double Cab in Satin Steel Friday. So happy with the truck coming from my analog 2010 Sierra SLT. Still getting used to the size difference but I'm adapting. Sorry about the cloudy day picture but the sun didn't come out until yesterday after over 10 days of rain and historic flooding here in NW bama.
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