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  1. Ball bearings in the dash

    Found it with the help of a buddy. There was a loose screw in the plastic trim piece above the sunglass holder. Pulled the trim piece down and it fell onto the floor. Thanks for all the help and entertainment.
  2. Ball bearings in the dash

    Thanks for the video. This is a bit different than my issue. Mine is definitely something rolling back and forth behind the dash, sounds like it's to the passenger side of the infotainment cluster.
  3. Ball bearings in the dash

    Thanks for the link...just ordered it. My wife and I are the only ones who ever ride in the truck, and we never put anything on the dash. I'm betting its a screw or something that came loose inside the heating duct.
  4. Ball bearings in the dash

    Yep. You guys are a freaking load of information.
  5. Ball bearings in the dash

    I'm well beyond 60 years of age, and I lost my marbles years ago. So I don't think that's the problem 😜
  6. I suddenly began hearing what sounds like a ball bearing rolling around behind the face of the dash in my 2018 Silverado. I've checked every space I could access inside the cab and in the engine compartment, but nothing was found. Anybody have a similar issue?

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