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  1. PRNDM_1

    Anyone know of a way to turn on the Gear Shift Numbers to display all the time? The numbers that display next to the 'L' when in manual mode.Would be nice to know what gear your in when trans cant make up its mind. 2018 Silverado 1500.
  2. Manual shift gear numbers

    -- 1SLOW1500 -- ok... really not looking to have more gadgets, cables and things hanging out, not looking for trim and rudder angle gauges just yet, hahaha. "Denali clusters with open source software " thought the '18s were open source, thought I read such on info panel... have to revisit that. You inferring Denali gauge panel set? I just figured its a manual switch, program code, has to be something simple. So if the little green numbers can be there in manual mode ... why not all the time. Sounds like FORD does it.... Nobody better tell me go buy a Ford....
  3. Manual shift gear numbers

    -- Donstar -- Purpose - to know what gear your in at all times, slow idle, mid range, etc. sometimes something stutters, is it V4/V8 slugging, is trans slipping, shuffling shifts at what shifts, what gear at 50mph when engine starts to lug down, lots of reasons to know exactly what gear vehicle is in at any time. ive had vehicles in past that had shifting issues and mechanic would ask 'what gear' duuhhh, now you gotta count shifts all the time to note what gear is with issues, and if its intermittent problem, counting shifts constantly for few days really sucks. Old days of 3 or 4 speed autos wasnt much of a problem, but with 5,6,8 trannys that shift up down so much for what ever reason, just because the CPU tells it to......... I just prefer to know what my vehicle is doing, I miss being able to control my own down shifting.So if the little green numbers can be there in manual mode ... why not all the time.... not like its gonna add any more visual disturbance to the mass visual aids already in place. haha. And yes, RPM good to know, 2k at 55mph, or did it used to be doing 1500 at 55mph, did it shift all the way up? wonder what gear its in? 5...6..?!? now gotta count shifts next stop... little things as such, just a pev of mine I guess. just one of those things.
  4. Its a MAC, Bull dog ugly, only a mama can love him.....
  5. Manual shift gear numbers

    Interface ? A Tuner to modify ?
  6. Is there a way to have the green manual shift gear numbers display all the time, other than only when in manual shift mode. Would like to know what gear truck is in when trans is shifting, driving.

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