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  1. Ambient light sensor

    I had same issue as others, drive under an overpass, shadow of a building, headlights come and off. very aggravating. Folks think your flashing lights at them. Dash lights go dim cant see to good. Pried up the top dash panel , pulled the light sensor, opened it up, removed some of the white silicon goo. I left about the size of an aspirin on it. works much better now. could of removed a tad more, lights still come after sun rise, and well before sun set even though its still quite bright out, seems to be a bit longer than the 30 minute before/after rule, closer to 45-60 minute, but didnt feel like tearing dash apart again. Its appropriately livable now. DRL's are on all the time any way.
  2. PRNDM_1

    I 2nd that ... can I get a third?.... a first?... I think if a Tech can change the display code, might make a pretty penny....
  3. PRNDM_1

    yep, learned that on the ice few week ago. I was moving along and wanted to start slowing down with out using the brakes so I instinctively dropped shifter down and immediatlly started sliding sideways, shoved it back up to D and skated around some till straightened out. not sure what gear was in (!no gear display on DIC!}
  4. PRNDM_1

    yeh, been using the T/H button alot, hit it going up hill before the Trans downshifts itself. Seems to make a smoother less fierce downshift, not sure but trans down shifting on its own, maybe 2 gears?? when I use the T/H button is 1 down shift, I could be wrong, thats why be nice to have the gears display on DIC somewhere. If I shift to 'L' manual mode it drops 2 gears I think, then I have to counter with an up shift. Too many buttons, shifts, prefer the old shift lever D321 style, D54321 would be far better than all that lever and button pushing. Some thing dont need 'improving'. Its fun, cool to button push everything but ......a single one handed motion, one gear at a time.
  5. BCM average fuel mileage

    I prefer Chevy over all makes. My experience has been with Chevy/GM, '15, '16 Impala, '18 Silverado. All having same ECM mpg inaccuracies. Cant say for other manufacturers, have read some reports of similar results. Seems higher ECM MPG than actual manual results started with the '15 series of many vehicles from what I have read from others. All Vehicles are grossly over priced, yet we have to eat it and suffer the conglomerates that keep jacking up prices to line their pockets and we foolishly keep buying. The reasoning for vehicle prices to increase so much so fast over the last 10-15 years is outrageous. Greed and big oil owners. My first house was only $75k. I think its extremely wrong for any manufacturer to tweek, misrepresent failures and mpg results that are not accurate, only to fool the buyer that their getting something that is false. Many people will simply just get use to it or don't care, saying goes...give 'em two weeks they'll forget about it. Apologize if i hit nerve with some folks. But Facts are facts. This is'nt a bash GM statement. I got on a rant about a $50,000 2018 pickup being no better than my $2500 1998 pickup. My '98 gets the same mpg as my '18. Other than looks not sure now why I bought the '18. So it appears there is no fix or ability to modify the ECM parameters to produce accurate results. Guess "I'll have to get use to it". Or sell it and go electric....HA... So no more ranting and stick to Q n A's on these wonderfully fine, advanced, improved technology vehicles.
  6. BCM average fuel mileage

    I thought it to be ECM controlled and the BCM handles the display of such info from ECM. It still seems that the ECM calculation is faulty. One would think that a $50,000 vehicle would have the ability to calculate or allow manual manipulation of the ECM calculation to fine tune the actual fuel mileage. As also to display the gear the trans is in somewhere on the DIC, yet another peev of mine. I still believe it is false, inaccurate information misleading people. 1.5-2.5 mpg better than actual mpg ?!? that's openly false misrepresentation. Thought there were laws against that. But if it makes EPA n Gov happy guess that makes it OK. A certified GM tech at a local dealership said it was a BCM function and to get the MPG display to 'learn' 'my' driving mpg it was necessary to reset the 'best' fuel economy setting with each fuel fill up.....I smiled, said thank you, got in my truck and left.... what do I know... I'm not a certified GM tech.
  7. BCM average fuel mileage

    Found some information. https://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/your-fuel-economy-gauge-is-fibbing.html Seems to be a common issue among all manufacturers. Vehicle fuel economy gauge MPG reports a higher MPG than actual manual MPG calculations. Tweek the EPA requirements and to make the owners think their getting higher MPG than they really are. Gov Motors, Typical.
  8. BCM average fuel mileage

    I had a '16 Impala that was always off 1.5-2 MPG manual check vs BCM. Figuered it was just a fluke, but now same on my '18 Silverado and hearing lots of other people have same issue.
  9. BCM average fuel mileage

    GPS vs Vehicle are same..... any other ideas why manual MPG is off ? Sounds like the VolksVagon scam?!?
  10. BCM average fuel mileage

    Factory tires 265x75?x18, Somebody mentioned speedo is off, I have a Diablo tuner thought might try jacking with tire size, yet speedo appears proper, relative to other drivers. Dont have a speed, radar check around here, other than those I dont want to be checked by. have to do mile minute check on highway
  11. Is there a way to 'recalibrate' the Average Fuel setting on 2018 Silverado ? I am aware of the 'reset/clear' option on the dash display for the 'Instant Best mpg display'. Resetting has no effect. When I calculate fuel mileage manually its always 1.5 - 2.5 mpg less than the BCM display. Its been like this since day 1. Had 7 miles when purchased. Current mileage 35??. Assume should be past break in learn period time. I do same fill to neck each time, I dont round gallons. BCM claims 15.5-18 mpg avg, I get 15-16.5 manual. Same 25-30 mile drive daily. Did a 380 mile, 70-80 mph run and vehicle stated 20.1 mpg, manual 17.8. Have not done another long mile run.
  12. PRNDM_1

    Anyone know of a way to turn on the Gear Shift Numbers to display all the time? The numbers that display next to the 'L' when in manual mode.Would be nice to know what gear your in when trans cant make up its mind. 2018 Silverado 1500.
  13. Manual shift gear numbers

    -- 1SLOW1500 -- ok... really not looking to have more gadgets, cables and things hanging out, not looking for trim and rudder angle gauges just yet, hahaha. "Denali clusters with open source software " thought the '18s were open source, thought I read such on info panel... have to revisit that. You inferring Denali gauge panel set? I just figured its a manual switch, program code, has to be something simple. So if the little green numbers can be there in manual mode ... why not all the time. Sounds like FORD does it.... Nobody better tell me go buy a Ford....
  14. Manual shift gear numbers

    -- Donstar -- Purpose - to know what gear your in at all times, slow idle, mid range, etc. sometimes something stutters, is it V4/V8 slugging, is trans slipping, shuffling shifts at what shifts, what gear at 50mph when engine starts to lug down, lots of reasons to know exactly what gear vehicle is in at any time. ive had vehicles in past that had shifting issues and mechanic would ask 'what gear' duuhhh, now you gotta count shifts all the time to note what gear is with issues, and if its intermittent problem, counting shifts constantly for few days really sucks. Old days of 3 or 4 speed autos wasnt much of a problem, but with 5,6,8 trannys that shift up down so much for what ever reason, just because the CPU tells it to......... I just prefer to know what my vehicle is doing, I miss being able to control my own down shifting.So if the little green numbers can be there in manual mode ... why not all the time.... not like its gonna add any more visual disturbance to the mass visual aids already in place. haha. And yes, RPM good to know, 2k at 55mph, or did it used to be doing 1500 at 55mph, did it shift all the way up? wonder what gear its in? 5...6..?!? now gotta count shifts next stop... little things as such, just a pev of mine I guess. just one of those things.

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