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  1. Ditto on the Bakflip MX4. Nice cover and nice fit.
  2. Mp3 is the defacto standard. It seems that many manufacturers are getting away from some of th manufacturer specific formats and using the generic fits all mp3. My 19 SLT does a better job than the 16 I had which would arbitrarily duplicate certain songs.

    I’ve already used mine with the mirrors folded in. Went through a drive through and the menu sign lights were off. Turn the left side lights on and ordered dinner. Not likely the intended use but what the heck, it worked.
  4. Front license plate holder

    Problem solved. Found a part number online and went to the parts department at the dealer. Different parts guys knew what it was. He said the dealership did not order vehicles with them because it wasn’t required in Florida mad most people didn’t want them anyway. I got one on order. Should be here in a couple of days. Thanks for the help.
  5. My lane departure was switched off on the switch when I picked mine up. Might be something the dealer does. Lane change alert can be turned off in settings.
  6. Front license plate holder

    It’s a 2019 Sierra and it does not have a holder on it, nor was one loose in the deliverables. The parts guy said several people were looking for them and it is not on the parts list.
  7. Just picked up a 2019 LT and went looking for a front license plate holder. It’s not required in Florida, but I have a plate that I want to install. The dealer says it doesn’t show up in the parts list. Does anyone know if one exists? Thanks in advance
  8. Greetings all. Just got my 19 SLT this week and after a couple of hundred miles I get the dreaded “service brake assist” message. Is this going to a software update or is there more to it. I’ve seen several other posts, all low mileage. Seems unlikely there’s a hardware failure this soon on numerous vehicles.

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