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  1. I finally got off my butt and got the photos taken. Please overlook my first attempt at fabrication. It looks like pure hell. As previously mentioned, I don't have any materials in shop and my fabricating skill is not the best either.
  2. A relay is basically an electrical switch that is operated by electrical signal also. Its capalbe of normally closed (always on) or normally open (always off) and switching the opposite. Is ENTIRELY possible the relay is able to do both. Which my gut tells me that you have the fans wired to N.O. (always on) and when the sender closes to activate, it OPENS the relay thus disconnecting from power. If you have zero experience with relays I'd recommend going to Google university course in how they work before continuing. A custom automotive or a car audio shop could fix your issue if you prefer to do that instead. Sometimes a local mom/pop garage would be able to do this for you also. I can offer you a starting point if you like: http://www.sourceresearch.com/newsletter/Automotive-Relays-and-How-They-Works.cfm?emART In this diagram, replace their toggle switch with your temp sensor. Its nothing more than a temperature activated switch. Also noteworthy is that they are showing two ways to interrupt a circuit. One is positive and one is negative interruption. Simplest way is to use the positive interruption. If your temperature switch breaks negative, it gets slightly more complicated but its still very do-able. Cheers. :-D
  3. I will. Just don't hold breath while waiting. I have several things to accomplish this weekend. I'll do my best to post it by sunday. I do appreciate any help.
  4. Every truck in my local JY is missing the radiator and thus, the retainers. I believe this is an OE 4 row radiator because it has brass tanks. All you get now is plastic tanks. I am pretty sure I'll have to fabricate a mount somehow. I dread this.
  5. I have. They have that same stamped steel plate. Mine was a plastic cover that had the saddles and fan shroud made in. I guess I have to fabricate something. I'm a decent welder but I don't have any fabricating skills nor materials. This truck is turning out to be a bigger and bigger mistake.
  6. mjoe, see if this is what youre talking about. I used to work with a window tinter. He'd use soap water to install these. Its only been about 5 years but they were still quite popular then. You can even have them customized for your business/hobby/etc. This particular one is on Amazon but they can be found all over. https://www.amazon.com/American-Graphic-Perforated-Through-UNIVERSAL/dp/B07DV1KY24/ref=asc_df_B07DV1KY24/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312136743070&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6511847699624983033&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9013137&hvtargid=pla-590409483991&psc=1 Google vehicle wraps or window graphics. They are perforated with small holes in a pattern so you can see through them fairly well. Its kinda hard to see in the windo from outside though because of the lighting difference.
  7. I see these kinds of mistakes all the time with the DMV offices. I think they are an affirmative action employer. They ONLY hire employees with dyslexia. Or maybe thats their only requirement?
  8. 35-55 mph.... seems a little extreme to build a 350 with 10.0:1 with AFR heads, etc to only drive 35-55 mph. I'd suggest a stock 350 with Vortec heads and factory cam. Put the Edelbrock 2116 and carburetor on it stock 1 wire HEI distributor and roll out. You said its not going to be a hot rod, so why are you putting one together? Im only curious.
  9. Hey all. latest recruit here. Have been in/around all kinda of garages and shops my whole 40+ years. Recently I made a bonehead mistake. While swapping a 1991 engine into my 1986, I mixed up the fan shrouds and tossed the wrong ones. This is irreversible. It got burned up in my trash barrel by mistake. I now have a 1991 shroud that does not fit my 1986. Every diagram I see shows me this metal panel that bolts to my core support. This is incorrect. My radiator is not tall enough for that. My fan shroud had the radiator cushion integrated into it, I am almost certain. How is it that none of the online retailers have this?? Is my truck a weird one? It unbolted like factory equipment, though it was kinda cracked and broken. The bolts were still in place. The radiator is a 4 row radiator with a 29" core. It is not tall enough for a metal top bracket/panel/whatever its called to hold it. Its about 2-3 inches too short. Im ready to beat my face into the cement. Any ideas guys and gals?
  10. DONT THROW AWAY ANYTHING. transfer everything from the 305 to the 350 but use the carburetor that came with the 350 because it needs more fuel. THEN< put that 305 on a trailer and take it to the nearest scrap yard immediately. They were garbage.
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