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  1. sorry if this car is not allowed just got great help from you guys on my truck . im replace a bent valve on a 1996 chevy corsica with a 2.2l and was wondering if the the .005 head size makes a diffrence?ill attach a pic of the two valves that i can get and would the .005 smaller one work?
  2. i have a bad u-joint that im about to replace on 1989 gmc r3500 with a 454 dually and was wondering should i use a greaseable one or none greaseable ?also are there any real good brands i should look for or any to aviod?its the one connected to the rear axle if it helps any
  3. i have a 1989 gmc r3500 with a 454 that when its below 1000 rpms the power steering doesn't work but as soon as you rev it it works.its hydro boost if that helps any.the pump also runs the brakes and as far as i can tell they work fine.should i replace the pump or hydraulic brake booster or look elsewhere

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