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  1. I am starting my research into tires and tire sizes for my 15 sierra with a 2 inch front level. I have stock 17 wheels with p265/70r17s currently and considering 255/80r17s. My ideal tire size would be a 33x10.50. The 255/80s fall short on width and 275/70s fall short on height. I ran 255/85r16s on a Tacoma for years and fell in love with that size. Changed them to 285/75r16s and absolutely hated them. Road manners, off road, towing, MPG, turning radius all decreased. So what I am getting at is I whole heartily believe that a tall skinny tire is the perfect size for a midsize I’m just not 100% sold on it being the case for a full size. Just to throw this this out there the tires I’m actually considering are the falken wildpeak at3w in 255/80r17 I would really like to see pictures of how the 255/80s look in relation to outside of the fenders. A photo looking directly at the front and a photo directly at the rear would help visualize how these tire actually look on a full size. Thank you to anyone that chimes in with some insight.
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