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  1. Thanks for the info, guess I’ll wait to do anything.
  2. So just wondering if anyone has had any luck with retuning without voiding the factory or extended warranty.
  3. Here is a pic from a distance at an angle of the stance, I’m debating tow mirrors and fender flares
  4. Jeff5347, it was enough rub to where I couldn’t do a complete turn, but if you look under the wheel well liner there is about an inch of metal that sticks out that I had to cut and beat back with a hammer and cut some of the liner and plastic piece that covers that area.
  5. It does rub with 2” spacers but only in the back of the wheel well, I’m going to NorCal trim it tonight I’ll take some pics tomorrow once it’s all done
  6. Ok so they finally came in, here’s how it looks.
  7. 2” spacers have been ordered, so we shall see the end result this weekend
  8. With the 2” did you have to trim anything in the front
  9. Sorry I misspoke it’s the coils in the front, that’s where the rubbing is
  10. 2018 Silverado Z71 only 2 week old lift/level with rims and tires
  11. Ok I’m new to the Chevy world and doing any type of mods to a truck so bear with me, I have a 2018 1500 Z71 and I put a 3” front and 2”rear lift/level kit, I put 33/12.50/20x9 with no offset. I have some rubbing on the spring and control arm and was curious to know what anyone thinks about adding spacers and if so what size and how much trimming?
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