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  1. 4.11 gears

    Hey thanks for all the info, this is good stuff.. I did plan on getting a custom tune from Black Bear first but I think they stopped responding to my emails. I don't know maybe I ask too many questions.
  2. 4.11 gears

    Do you think you have regained your trucks stock towing capacity with the 4.11 ? Because I do tow and going to the lake with the boat is up hill.....so is going to the dunes with the side by side or toy hauler. Hell I live in a valley so it's all up hill from here๐Ÿ˜œ.
  3. 4.11 gears

    So while on the freeway will the truck hold 6th gear now that you did the 4.11 or does it still slow down , lug then down shift ?
  4. 4.11 gears

    Yeah that is funny.....I ordered a hypertec speedometer calibrator part # 732501 and it says 07 & up
  5. 4.11 gears

    For you guys that changed your gears how did you break-in the front?
  6. 4.11 gears

    Looks like that might be for 11-13. Another website says 11-14
  7. 4.11 gears

    Hahaha... I'm not really worried about my rpm and I don't need to be convinced about changing my gears. I asked if a calibration was necessary. And now it has turned into which gear ratio to go with. So now I'm simply asking questions to help make my decision. Now I wish I could start a poll ๐Ÿ˜œ
  8. 4.11 gears

    With the 3.42 gears did your truck use 6th gear? Mine will lug down and it down shifts constantly at 75mph. I just drop it down into M 5th. Is your speedo calibrated for tires?
  9. 4.11 gears

    This sounds great!! How's 1st gear....happen to know what mph your shifting out of 1st gear at ?
  10. 4.11 gears

    I was thinking that the 6.2 with 420hp vs our 360hp might have a little more umph to get things rolling, maybe it doesn't matter that much. 75mph at 2200rpm sounds good how about MPG at 70? And do you have AFM turned on or off?
  11. 4.11 gears

    Do you have the same 5.3 with 6speed? I'm not dead set on any one ratio. But I was told by a reputable shop that with 4.56 gears I would be shifting gears before I left the crosswalk. At what speed is your 1st gear shifting and what's your [email protected] because nobody's driving 70 mph unless I'm pulling my trailer.
  12. 4.11 gears

    I'm getting the gears changed, I am asking if it is necessary to do the tune and or calibration because of the warranty . And should I go bigger on my gears? They do offer a 4.56 but I was told my 1st gear would basically be useless and I would have higher RPM at 75-80mph around 2300 vs 2000.
  13. 4.11 gears

    Hey thanks for the reply!!! And the reason for the calibration is because of the anti lock breaks / stability track or traction control ? My shop says that it might throw codes if I don't do the calibration for gear ratio. Ok that would make sense. Having only the option to calibrate tire size and gear ratio vs being able to adjust for performance...
  14. 4.11 gears

    Hello, I got a question about re gearing from 3.42 to 4.11. is it necessary to get the tune/ speedometer calibrated ? My truck 2018 Z71 5.3 6speed 3.42 gears. I got a 8" lift with 35 /12.5/20. The actual tire measures 34.5 x 13.25. I don't want to void the factory warranty by plugging in a tuner if possible but I would hate to cause more damage by not tuning also. Thanks

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