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  1. 4.11 gears

    Wow!!! Thats impressive. Do you have enough miles to give us a review? How does the truck like 1st gear? Does it actually pull through it or shift into 2nd right away? 6.2L or 5.7L ? Thanks for all the help and info by the way πŸ‘
  2. 4.11 gears

    Sorry to bug......but can you get one with the MPG showing at 75
  3. 4.11 gears

    What trim or package do you have? Your dash......huh??? .....200mph, truck must haulazz!! the temp is C and I don't know what the oil psi is reading but goes to 500.
  4. 4.11 gears

    Thanks for the picture, I was hoping to see your MPGs...
  5. 4.11 gears

    Can you get me a picture with the Cruse control set at 75 mph once you have it calibrated so I can compare it to geswek
  6. Opinions vs math on gear ratio

    Did you guys figure out the perfect ratio for 35s yet...... My set-up is a little heavy Tires weigh 80lbs each 35x12.50 20 trail grapplers Wheels 44lbs. Each 20x12 fuel. I will throw this out there...my shop said 90% of the guys with the newer truck and 35s go with 4.11s
  7. 4.11 gears

    What tuner do you have? Did you get the calibration problems resolved?
  8. 4.11 gears

    that's not bad at all....pretty good actually πŸ‘ I was told I should wait until after my trip to the sand dunes to get the gears because of a break-in period. They said no towing or long trips for at least 500 miles
  9. 4.11 gears

    Can you give us an update on your gears when you get it back.
  10. 4.11 gears

    Hey thanks for all the info, this is good stuff.. I did plan on getting a custom tune from Black Bear first but I think they stopped responding to my emails. I don't know maybe I ask too many questions.
  11. 4.11 gears

    Do you think you have regained your trucks stock towing capacity with the 4.11 ? Because I do tow and going to the lake with the boat is up hill.....so is going to the dunes with the side by side or toy hauler. Hell I live in a valley so it's all up hill from here😜.
  12. 4.11 gears

    So while on the freeway will the truck hold 6th gear now that you did the 4.11 or does it still slow down , lug then down shift ?
  13. 4.11 gears

    Yeah that is funny.....I ordered a hypertec speedometer calibrator part # 732501 and it says 07 & up
  14. 4.11 gears

    For you guys that changed your gears how did you break-in the front?
  15. 4.11 gears

    Looks like that might be for 11-13. Another website says 11-14

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