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  1. Your best bet would be to contact Furion directly. I bought a Haloview setup and contacted them after finding this thread (see my previous posts in this thread).
  2. I got the module from Haloview, it's a small box that plugs inline to the power cord for the camera. Using my meter I measured around 10.2 volts at the marker light that I spliced into for power and the module brought it up to 14 volts. The camera powers up after a few seconds of turning on the lights and it worked fine for my first trip (about two hours from home. If anyone else with this problem has a Haloview I definitely recommend contacting them to get a module.
  3. I have a Haloview MC7108 and ran into the same problem. I contacted Haloview and they're sending my a "boost module" to test. I don't have any more info than that so far, but I'll post an update after trying it out.
  4. I don't have any pics but here's the link to the ones I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AO7GRG/?th=1&psc=1 I just used some wood screws to screw them to the 2x6 board. The board sat far enough back that the bikes cleared my Bak hard rolling cover, worked great. I just wish I had the slots on the drop-in liner on the '19. I've got a couple ideas but I'm not really sure they'll work until I get a chance to start trying some stuff.
  5. If you didn't get whichever options needed to get the garage door buttons then the setup you have is as good as you're going to get (my buttons are part of the assembly that has the sunroof buttons and map lights). The sunglass holder is definitely a stupid omission by GM, though.
  6. In my '16 I had 2x6 boards in the slots. I had a large plastic bin sitting between the rear board and tailgate and bicycle fork brackets on the front board. My '19 didn't have the spray-on bedliner from the factory so I just opted for the drop-in liner. The drop-in doesn't have any slots for a board which is kind of annoying, but I ended up using an adjustable shower curtain rod I had laying around to hold the bin at the tailgate. It also came with some storage nets to go between the wheel wells and the rear corners. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the bicycles, though.
  7. Have you put those up on Thingiverse? I don't have iPhone, but could probably modify it in Fusion 360 to fit my phone without too much trouble. I've read mixed reviews about how well PLA holds up in the extreme hot and cold, but it'd be easy enough to print a new one (I've got some PETG, which is supposed to hold up better, but only in yellow and natural, probably wouldn't match the interior very well).
  8. I asked the Chevy rep at the local auto show about tow mirrors. He had to get back to me after checking with his region supervisor (or something like that) and told me they're working on them and will have an upgrade option for current owners. I find it believable they'll release tow mirrors, but I'm doubtful of them offering an upgrade at any kind of a reasonable price, if at all.
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