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  1. Relay is under the hood, and I only fished one wire into the cabin. I wired it just like the diagram with a cheap toggle 2 pin switch and it works fine, my better 2 pin switch comes today if it doesnt fit right I'll try to wire that 3 prong to the relay and fish another wire through.
  2. Sorry for the stupid questions, this is my first time wiring anything like this. So the only thing I would be changing according to the diagram on the relay is instead of the weird loop on 86 and 30 86 is another wire running to that 3rd prong on the switch. Damn wasnt looking forward to running another wire through the firewall. Ordered a plain black 2 pole switch to see of it would fit in the charging port I opened up. I really dont need the light. I appreciate the help.
  3. It's weird because I have it grounded and then the other wire coming off the relay plugged into either of the other 2 poles just lights it up but doesnt do much else. Since its momentary anyways the light really isint important. I ordered a push button switch that will still sit down in that spot and let the cover close. Just annoyed me that it wouldn't work.
  4. I installed an airhorn with a relay and really wanted to use this switch because it fits so well in the old cigarette lighter port. Can anyone explain how to use the 3 prong switch with a relay? I used a basic on off switch and it works fine. All the wiring diagrams show one prong for power in, one prong to the accessory being used and then a ground. But wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the relay?

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