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  1. I’m in Washington state and the dealerships around me are $5000 over invoice, glad I bought our HD in 2021, can’t wait for things to level out.
  2. I just noticed my rear window leaking the other day I thought I was seeing things. This is the second GMC that has done this. Good thing it stays in the garage. Most of these guys are so young doing the repairs, they lack attention to detail but that will come with age!
  3. Just was looking at this exhaust. The price is around $700 through Summit. Anyone have any feedback on it?
  4. Everything is personal preference but for me I felt the Denali’s ride was better than the AT4. If we are splitting hairs. Both are great rides
  5. Looks like it would work ok depending on your level of dirt and color of vehicle.. There is no way I’d ever use it on my black truck. Learned my lesson years ago.
  6. I like the front Crome too. It’s been two weeks sense I’ve ordered the trim from the dealership, I’m getting a little impatient. I asked the guy twice to double check his part numbers. So hopefully they are correct. ??
  7. After the parts come in and I can make sure they are correct I’ll post the part numbers.
  8. Yep the AT4 has most of what the Denali has. I’m just going to order the black trim, not sure if I’m steady enough to make the wrap look like it should... I have the door handles and mirrors black out
  9. Has anyone put black trim on their 2019 1/2 ton Serria denali? I am not a fan of the Crome on the truck except for the grill.
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