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  1. Weird, mine did the exact same thing this past weekend. On your DIC, go all the way right to the Gear icon. Scroll down to HUD, and you can change rotation and Speed Limit Style.
  2. Sounds like you have another issue. My fobs work from a good distance away, including through walls. Nothing compares to an aftermarket system for range though.
  3. 2 Co workers got new Tundras and I really like them. My only complaint is that for a couple of loaded up trucks, neither has remote start, and I know they have both been upset about not being able to lift/level easily because of the front camera causing issues. I test drove the Raptor and a Ram 1500 before I bought my AT4. I really loved the Ram interior. The screen is odd, and would prefer something between the Ram and the GM trucks, but the stereo was amazing. I wasn't a fan of the front end and so I moved on. The Raptor, is no doubt the King when it comes to off roading a stock truck. While I need some off road capability, the Raptor is way more than I'm gonna use. I also didn't like the eco boost, I know a lot of guys love it, but Im not a fan. Combine that with less towing ability and it just wasn't a good fit for me. Most guys that buy a raptor, go fast down a dirt road and think they are pushing the truck to the limits. The serious guys, are upgrading everything anyway. So one thought that crossed my mind, was for the price difference, I could build a better truck, for less.. Go drive em all, see what's best for you.
  4. It does, but the locking mechanism is at the tailgate and it can easily be defeated. Once you pop the end latches, the entire cover releases. Im waiting on a replacement cover now, and will take a video of my self breaking into the old one with no tools before I remove it. I wish they offered an actual locking option on this, doesn't even need to be a key, but cross bars or latches that could be locked from the inside would be nice. With that said, I am going on my 3rd X4. Hopefully this one is close to perfect. A lot of Co workers went out and bought one after I got mine, and theirs are all perfect, but I (and other 2019 owners) have had a lot of issues with these.
  5. Gorgeous truck. I'm getting my rims done the same way. Love the wheel arches too. I couldn't do it because I knew mine would get destroyed but I def love the way they look.
  6. They are still extremely popular and as long as you buy a high end one and not a cheap placebo, they do their job well. There are a few threads on this in the forums, and if you need help installing, send me a PM. I used the Mirror tap kit, as I've ran one for a long time and it's from a reputable company. Unless you really want to use the Smart cord (or similar) I see no reason to run a long cord and then mount a switch and tap the fuse box. I was interested in the gen5diy kit, and someone on here ended up using one, but I've heard of a lot of failures from some of their harnesses, so it scared me off a little.
  7. My AT4 has them cut.. Which I don't care for. My Dad's Trailboss has them all the way back. Thanks, now I know why.
  8. Had something similar happen on my 2011 Cts coupe within a couple hundred miles of driving it. Key fobs were real weak, to the point that I'd have to put them in the Fob slot. And when I'd press the door popper from the outside (no door handles on the coupes) it would pop the trunk. They replaced the computer for the keyless entry and I never had another problem for over 210k miles. Took less than a couple hours.
  9. I've been considering the ADD. There is a lifted AT4 with front and rear stealth bumpers on Instagram Somewhere. Maybe readylifts page? I'll try and find it. Looks great.
  10. How much was the kit? I'm trying to find a set of factory fogs to modify but nothing is on any of the gm parts sites yet.
  11. There should be a couple spots to easily pass through the firewall on the Pass side, as well as a couple open slots in the fuse box right there.
  12. How are you liking the M1? I was debating on getting one but was worried it wouldn't mount right with my blend mount.
  13. Not that it helps, but wasn't your suburban hitch through the bumper?
  14. It sounds perfect on the 6.2, nice quiet rumble at idle, and aggressive when you get on it.
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