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  1. Cold Air Intake

    Im definitely interested, but I don't think you're going to be able to SC anytime soon. That's something I plan on doing as well, but until they crack our ECMs, it's a no go.
  2. I'm not getting fast charging with the truck's USB C port. While C allows for 100w, I guarantee the chargers in our trucks are a fraction of that. It won't blow up or anything, but it won't charge any faster. No, our trucks don't have wireless Android auto. As far as I know that is only available in aftermarket stereos currently.
  3. I haven't checked that but did notice the HUD did something new the other day along the bottom. (can't for the life of me remember exactly what it was). This gives me hope that a future update will actually give us some useful features for the HUD. Like Phone info
  4. Towing with the AT4

    Quite well. It was windy so I kept my speeds between 65 and 70 and like I said, I didn't know it was back there. It was perfectly level. Yes 6.2 Probably only in the 5-6000lb range. Ill report back again after hauling the tractor around.
  5. For some of you guys who were having issues with your brakes and park assist. I took my 2019 AT4 in for Service and to check out the brake failure issue and was told there were 5 open recalls. 1 addressing brakes 1 for park assist And another dashboard reprogramming as well as a few others. Just a heads up
  6. Towing with the AT4

    I've had zero issues. Hauled a large enclosed trailer with 3 sleds and gear through the mountains, and barely noticed it was back there.
  7. Thank You. I was holding the outside unlock button down. Wish I knew about this sooner. Would have made tailgating a lot less stressful not having someone asking me to unlock my door every 5 seconds every Sunday.
  8. I can't get this to work... Any thing else need to be done?
  9. And another one is out. Sounds good for those of us looking for mild systems. Maybe I won't go with a Borla.... Looking they have a couple other side exit systems as well. Outlaw and Flowfx.
  10. Cold Air Intake

    New Era Performance released theirs. Expensive at $400+, but 16hp/21tq on the 5.3 seems fairly good. Im was gonna wait and see what else came out but the plan is to dyno before and after the intake for my 6.2
  11. door handle button locks

    Mone does that to get out while in gear but doesn't work for getting in.
  12. T1 Switched Power Source

    I'm looking for the same thing (dome Light control) I am definitely missing footwell lights (as well as puddle lights.) I don't believe it's something we're gonna find in the fuse box. It's more than likely gonna be a bcm plug. I think it was grey on the last gen trucks. Im not a fan of splicing into those wires so I'm thinking of making a pass through plug with a tap of the dome light wire. Same with my high beams to aux lights. I'll do some digging when I get a free weekend and let you know. Below is what I've found so far.
  13. Gibson Cat-Back

    Gibson is a great brand. Surprised they were first to market. Im a Cosra guy, but am planning on going Borla as I need a quieter exhaust as I will probably upset the wife if I wake the kids up every time I get called to work in the middle of the night. Whichever one I end up with, my plan is to get it on the Dyno at a Local GM performance shop. Base Run, then with their new intake for our trucks, and then with intake and exhaust.
  14. @[email protected] are we getting any closer to having a release date for these trucks?

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