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  1. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    I reached out to GM Customer Service. Zero Help on this.
  2. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    HUD has navigation. I use it all the time. Wish it worked with google maps as well..
  3. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    I don't care about tach, but would love audio and calls to show up. As well as more customizable display options. Hopefully someone from GM will chime in.
  4. I was involved in a 4 car accident over the summer. While I initially called and filed with Travelers (Driver 1 and at fault) I immediately called All State and filed with them as well. Luckily I did, because as of today (7 months later) Travelers has still not paid out on the claim. I would have been without a rental and had to pay the body shop 8600 plus my tow bill if I was waiting on them. At this point, even if Travelers never pays out a dime, and even though my insurance covered everything, it effects my rates in no way as all 4 insurance companies declared me to not be at fault. (The fight is currently between the 2 moving vehicles insurance Co.)
  5. Headlight Adjustment

    I'd have to go look at mine but if you search headlight issues on here someone mentiond a white screws on each headlight for adjustment.
  6. They're trail grapplers.
  7. Yes. As I said, depending on the build date they may have to replace the cluster but mine was just a flash and I haven't seen the issue since.
  8. Roll up bed cover

    New covers are longer.
  9. The dealer will know what's wrong. If you search for this exact problem you'll find the SB and # for it. Depending on build date it either needs a new Dash, or just programming. Mine took about 30min to be done.

    I believe these are meant to be used when the headlights are off anyway. I've used mine while tailgating (combined with the rear lights) and when everything is lit up they are quite nice if your looking for something or just need some light while picking up before you leave.
  11. How to permanently turn off auto shutoff?

    Ah yes I see that now.
  12. The Bose system does not sound good in the 2019s. For the average listner they will be fine I guess but definitely not what I'd call good. Not that any bose system is great persay but it's disappointing that GM puts much better systems in a lot of their cars than in the trucks.
  13. How to permanently turn off auto shutoff?

    The unit he linked too works to disable DFM and the Auto StartmStop on 2019s
  14. I've always preferred the Chevys but I chose the AT4 because I liked the looks better and wanted the 6.2l My father has a fully loaded TB and while sticker was 10k more on my AT4, I have a lot more options than he does and prefer mine.
  15. 2019 license plate lights

    Well finally did it. I went with Philips Extreme, they cost more but I've always preferred them or Morimoto over cheap ones. It took a lot of trial and error trying to get my hand into a position to actually grasp the light and twist it out. If you have smaller hands or can use your wife/kid I suggest it. I don't see how anyone could fit two hands up there due to the new exhaust.

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