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  1. They are OEM chrome... Have black glamour caps w 3 m tape. I replaced with full black handles...
  2. Recently removed from my 2019 Denali HD 2500..... Only 600 miles on truck... Can send you CL links. Door handles CHROME, picture has black caps on handles Running boards Rims and tires Also available Helwig Load helper springs for GM 1500 all years Only 30 days used Complete Headlamp assemblies 2011-2016 2500/3500 GMC OEM and Aftermarket (subdued blacked out) Underseat storage bins 2019 Double cab 1500 new condition 2011-2016 crewcab 2500/3500 used
  3. Just did this to mine yesterday... Thanks. Works great... Although I have the boost fog light wiring (was installed on another truck before I sold it) I just used the diode this time around... And if anyone is curious the speed turtle light flasher module still works with this mod... https://www.ultrabrightlightz.com/flashers/
  4. Sold my 2019, have a new ASE unused for $70 shipped...
  5. Love it... 2019 Denali HD Dmax...
  6. Only 2 months old. as shown... local pick up $100 (new 170) or will ship UPS ground on your dime (probably $25)
  7. I'm running a VHF 154Mhz, in my AT4... radio mounted to dash, left or steering wheel. antenna on DS hood... no issues but on my old truck 2013 Dmax would get some mild interference when it was mounted in center console... Can you shield the antenna cable more or up the antenna ground?
  8. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/hampton-2019-gmc-sierra-at4-plus/6951412052.html See listing... Just not doing it for me after down sizing from a 2500... Going back...
  9. Looked and couldn't find a classified section... Only for premium members? Maybe my google fu is not strong today.. Any how... https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/hampton-2019-gmc-sierra-at4-plus/6951412052.html Anyone with a link? Gracias
  10. So after a few weeks of using the metal duct tape, it finally degraded.... I only did a single layer, maybe more layers would help or look for a heavy duty tape
  11. Just a flowmaster muffler... and no you can't hear any change
  12. Selling my new unused Autostop eliminator shipped for $70 PM me, paypal only...
  13. Darwinism... I'm fine with that.... CO due to car exhaust in garage? where are your detectors? We suffer because of f'ing idiots... But at the very least, the manufacturers should have an manual override , key perhaps or button. WE have demonstrated there is need for end user and prolong idling. If manufactures keep this up, they'll write themselves out of the fire, police, public works and more market...
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