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  1. Add me to the list - 2019 Sierra AT4 purchased in January at 7500 miles. Same as most of you - had the power brake failure but still able to stop - I just had to press harder. Reminded me of my '69 Chevy truck. Cleared out on next restart. This happened twice before I could get it to the dealer. From my Dealer sheet: Cause: DTC C0580. Faulty brake master cylinder, refer to doc 4992039. 2441400 Brake master cylinder replacement - with power brake booster and electronic brake control module. They also did 3 software updates: Recall - 9104397 N192210560 Engine Calibration Torque Model not accurate Recall - 9104166 eBoost Control Module Software False Detection with DTC associated - Brake System control module software update Recall - 9104244 Trailer Integration Module Software Error - (Mar 7, 2019) Just got it back today - I'll keep you posted of any new failures.
  2. Hey all, I installed the OEM black GMC letters on my AT4 this weekend and thought I would pass this shortcut along. If you don't mind being a bit destructive and want to take the easy route - just pry the red insert off of the factory emblems and it exposes the retaining clips. Insert a screw driver and they pop right off. No grill removal required. I had one or two tangs that didn't immediately snap back in on the new emblems. apply a bit of pressure to the grill tab with either your finger or a flat blade screw driver from behind until it clicks. You are good to go.
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