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  1. i think I need to remove steering wheel to access the turn signal cam so I can then insert the pieces above ...Spring, insulator , etc for the horn. Is that about right? Up to now I had not removed steering wheel. Seems that’s why I can’t get the insulator to fit correctly
  2. Also Thanks for the diagram. I have a Haynes manual but it didn’t have this in it. I will look it through to see what’s what.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. I picked up a horn replacement kit because I thought that was all I was missing to get the horn to work here’s a photo of the three pieces that it was made up of...
  4. Hi, really hoping someone with experience can help me out with a question about my horn on a 1986C 10. I know next to nothing about electrical so this is more than likely a dumb question. I bought the truck with a cracked horn cap ( plastic piece that has the Chevy logo on it ) And was told the horn was not working. I just got around to removing the horn cap and the plate underneath the horn And saw that there is no horn kit in there at all. So I purchased a new one and installed it. When I depress the horn contact I get no horn function. But when I accidentally touched the horn contact to the centre bolt of the steering wheel I got the horn working. I have spent maybe eight hours trying to figure this thing out and like I said it’s probably a real easy solution but can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong… Everything is functioning As in there seems to be no problem with the fuse, the horn relay, or any of the connections upfront to the horn inside the grill but it seems like it’s a grounding issue may be up inside the steering wheel ? which is why when I contact the knot in the middle of the steering wheel I get sound ? Thanks to anyone who can maybe point me in the right direction on this issue Craig1986 c10 horn question

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