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  1. I noticed the same with my updated stuff....honestly it was years before I even knew I had it with my stock harware LOL. My guess is GM did away with it due to "lack of interest"?
  2. Awesome...watch a couple YouTube vids and you'll be fine. Took me maybe 20min to install my parts.
  3. Got my radio module & HMI back from th3magpi3 yesterday...all installed and working great in my 2014 Silverado!! Thank you Chad!! Radio Module #84222864= $100 shipped (Ebay)....from a wrecked 2017 GMC Sierra. There are 3 variations of these....from Work Truck's, From Non-Bose(UQ3), From Bose(UQA) vehicles. Make sure you get the correct one & it has a 2016+ date on it for CarPlay/AA. 2.5 HMI w/Nav #84331503= $200 shipped (Ebay)....per Google, from a 2019 Buick or Chevy Impala?? seller could not confirm exactly. Make sure it's from a US vehicle if it has factory Nav, a few Ebay auctions out there with Europe maps. New USB port in arm console = $30 shipped (Ebay)....2 USB ports and headphone jack. One's with the card slot are not correct/need to be replaced. New Nav Antenna = $30 shipped (Ebay) Radio Module & HMI shipping to th3magpi3 = $26....For VIN Programming...Honestly was a little reluctant sending to Canada....no worries though, takes about a week to get there & another week for return shipping from him. VIN Programming & Return Shipping = $125 TOTAL = $511 (I now have Factory Nav & Apple Carplay)
  4. In the process of sourcing all the components to upgrade my 14 Silverado so it has Factory Nav & CarPlay.....my head is spinning with all the part numbers out there and the different info I was being given/told by multiple programming vendors. "This part needs this but not that....that part needs this but make sure it's not this one"...Uggh! Big thanks to th3magpi3 as he provided his phone number and gratefully answered all my questions.
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