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  1. how do you remove the 3rd brake light? ive been trying to figure it out to mount an antenna on the roof and run it through the 3rd brake hole.
  2. I went from a 2012 F-150 XLT to the 2019 LT and I have to say the power is pretty much the same if not better on the Chevy. Also the ride is smoother and quieter. And the seats are more comfortable. My LT is more equipped than the Ford also so that's a huge bonus. So far I love the Chevy better and i've always been a Chevy fan
  3. I installed it myself and it took some time probably around 2 hours. The directions weren't very clear which was frustrating. I actually started backwards because it was easier to run the harness that way. They do give you everything you need and it is a really clean kit. I did purchase the bass adjuster. 1. it does come out easy. it just uses one seat bolt and the other is the jack handle bolt. 2. you did have to cut some carpet for a cleaner install but I don't see why you cant just lay the wires on top of the carpet. You don't have any splicing to do it is 2 connections that you have to make behind the glovebox which was a pain in the ass. 3.I just noticed this on the forum so I need to adjust mine. the amp is mounted on the box. It does give out some really good bass and I am very pleased with it.
  4. Yes my company allows me to pick what exterior color I want. I love this color
  5. Leveling kit in front, 1.5 drop shackles in back. Removed all badges. 285/65/18 BFGs Not too bad for a free company truck
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