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  1. Honestly I just want to see how much I can make before even thinking of forced induction.
  2. Looking for guidance for my 2018 Silverado with the L83 motor. I don’t wanna go forced induction so what can I do besides a cam and ported heads to get the most horsepower out of my engine. And what other supporting mods like intake and fuel injectors if I would need.
  3. Thank you for your advice! Scheduled for next Wednesday to have my new setup installed!!
  4. Those are the jams ! And no not military just a Regular local haha
  5. Probably in the future. I want to cam my truck too pretty soon
  6. Suck build! I live in ewa beach now just got my own place haha but before that I lived in Waimānalo and kapolei. Nice to see some Hawaii braddahs on the forums lol
  7. Thanks for the reply. Kinda got worried because they were saying I’m gonna lose a lot of low end with the 3” dual out.
  8. I got a black widow muffler 3” in and 3” dual out and the guys at the muffler shop are saying that it’s gonna kill my low end torque. If I still decide to install it would the truck become sluggish during take off? I’m purchasing a ported manifold and a bigger throttle body would that help recover whatever low end torque I lose? I just need some insight for the muffler is it worth going through with it or should I just return it and get one with 2.5” dual out??? Anything helps...
  9. I was reading something about the oil pressure acting weird when the truck is wot without the css. So I wasn’t really sure to get that too or just the can.
  10. Where would I connect the css hose to if I’m getting the S&B intake? Do I need to drill a hole?
  11. I’m looking to get a catch can for my 18 Silverado 5.3 4x4 w/ about 15,000 miles. I seen the JLT catch can on American trucks.com and I’ve seen the elite catch can on some YouTube videos. What would be better for me if I’m gonna be running a s&b intake and a cam in the very near future? And also would I need a clean side separator? Been seeing things about WOT and high oil pressure without one being installed... kinda just wanna get this mod done in one crack without having to go back and get more things.
  12. I wish there was a tutorial on YouTube or something... I want this so bad on my regular cab! Although a whole Back window being able to roll down Would be bad ass too lol
  13. Does anyone know the process of installing a Nissan Titan rear sliding window into a 2018 Silverado??? Seen some pics on Instagram a while back and I’m really interested in doing this mod. Any info or links to topics help thanks
  14. Got the message a week ago on my info screen and I won’t be able to take the truck in till next Tuesday. Is it safe to still drive it around? It doesn’t feel like anything’s wrong... just need to make sure I’m still safe to drive.
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