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  1. I was reading something about the oil pressure acting weird when the truck is wot without the css. So I wasn’t really sure to get that too or just the can.
  2. Where would I connect the css hose to if I’m getting the S&B intake? Do I need to drill a hole?
  3. I’m looking to get a catch can for my 18 Silverado 5.3 4x4 w/ about 15,000 miles. I seen the JLT catch can on American trucks.com and I’ve seen the elite catch can on some YouTube videos. What would be better for me if I’m gonna be running a s&b intake and a cam in the very near future? And also would I need a clean side separator? Been seeing things about WOT and high oil pressure without one being installed... kinda just wanna get this mod done in one crack without having to go back and get more things.
  4. I wish there was a tutorial on YouTube or something... I want this so bad on my regular cab! Although a whole Back window being able to roll down Would be bad ass too lol
  5. Does anyone know the process of installing a Nissan Titan rear sliding window into a 2018 Silverado??? Seen some pics on Instagram a while back and I’m really interested in doing this mod. Any info or links to topics help thanks
  6. Got the message a week ago on my info screen and I won’t be able to take the truck in till next Tuesday. Is it safe to still drive it around? It doesn’t feel like anything’s wrong... just need to make sure I’m still safe to drive.
  7. I like that look and to be honest yeah that’s what I would’ve run for a lift setup but just knowing nobody in Hawaii has that amount of lift on a single cab just makes me wanna go higher too. Sadly we have Recon check here which is lame af! Really limits us on what we can do with our vehicles.
  8. Lol why you gettin all mad for? I’m asking for help and you coming outta left field with bullshit hate. Screw you and how you use your truck. Nobody cares! Keep your dumb comments to yourself if you ain’t gonna help me out clown.
  9. Gross you’re one of those people too haha
  10. Has anyone on this forum had experience lifting a 2018 body style single cab higher than 9”? I was looking at either the Cognito or bulletproof 10-12” kit but I’m not too sure on the pros and cons. Also if I do get either or I was interested in putting 24x14s or 26x14s. Just not sure on what would look nicer. Any input helps. As soon as I figure it out I’m gonna start the purchasing.
  11. I think I have the same problem as well with my truck. 2018 5.3 with about 12,000 miles. I took it in to get it looked at but the mechanics said they couldn’t find anything wrong. Kinda bummed out because it can get irritating on a cold start. I watch the rpms and you can see it bounce up and the truck kinda has this jerking motion too. Any solutions besides cleaning the fuel system let me know !
  12. I seen this on Instagram. Has anyone had experience in modifying the shifter column in a 2018 Silverado to have it as a beer tap handle?? And if so how did you guys still keep the buttons working? Please lmk the guy on ig hasn’t responded yet and I figure ask the forums. Thanks!
  13. I have a 2018 regular cab 4x4. If this posted on the 2019 forums my bad guys
  14. Figured I send my ecu over to Texas speeds guy that does all their tuning
  15. I’m going to purchase an aftermarket cam from Texas speed to go with my afm delete kit. The only problem is idk if I want to get a stage one or stage two. My truck is my daily driver. I’ve read that if I get the stage 2 cam I have to run a upgraded torque converter but it would kill my gas mileage. Has anyone ran a stage 2 cam without a torque converter? And has anyone had any experience running a stage 1 cam? Any info helps thanks
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