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  1. I see you have no reply’s, but did you ever figure this out? Mine went out today and I’ve been doing research on this all day and tbh I never knew about the condenser problems GM has with all these trucks. I read somewhere that Yukon, Tahoe, and Escalade got there warranties extended and even though Silverados and Sierras use the same setup they got denied, but anyway the belt on mine snapped at first I thought the truck was catching on fire due to some light bars I had installed a few weeks ago good thing was I was barely pulling out of my drive way when I saw a bit of smoke coming from under the hood (light bars are installed inside grille) well turns out I heard a sizzling noise and when I looked down I saw the belt snap off I noticed that the crank pulley and compressors pulley had rubber within the grooves but it didn’t make sense to me then. My truck is a 15 74k now so I thought normal wear and tear since the belts it had on were still the original that came on the truck when I bought it new. So I bought all 3 belts put them on and fired her up well I saw the clutch wanting to engage and stop and then again making an attempt as I signaled my buddy to shut it off, well it snapped the new belt too. So this was all new to me and started doing research after reading and looking around I checked to see if the compressor was the issue or the clutch well turned out it’s the clutch it seized up. I was thinking about just replacing the compressor and I also called the dealership. I rather replace it myself the whole assembly, might as well since I’m removing the compressor. I will be replacing the condenser, compressor, engagement valve, o-rings, receiver etc.. all that for $340 shipped they are GPD brand( brand is supplying warranty customers from what I’ve read) then my mechanic will handle the rest. By the time it’s fixed I will have paid $500 so hope all goes well. The dealer wanted $1200. Hopefully yours has been fixed, and I just thought I’d share this with someone since I have never typed anything on here lol so I’m kinda venting in a way at the same time. ✌
  2. I had mine go past a bit and end above the rear axle.
  3. My 15 just hit 70k this morning only regular oil changes, battery replaced at 42k (dealer said it just went bad) been tuned since 15k (no AFM) cabin air filter replaced twice nothing major so far had doubts at fist with the trans but that’s part of why I tuned it to be in 8 always and tires and other bolt ons. Oh and it’s the 6.2. Started running ethanol free fuel 1 week ago runs smoother.
  4. I’ve hit 130 in my 15 SLT on 305/55/20 MT 10ply tires
  5. Here is my 15 purchased brand new. Have enjoyed every moment with her
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