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  1. One month leak free with my replacement FayUO E4
  2. My headliner went through the front window. To replace the back glass they need to drop the headliner. So might as well get it all done at once.
  3. I agree that not all will leak. Mine did (Ft Wayne 12/2018). But back to the original issue, why pay new truck money on a truck that already leaks on the lot! I would never recommend that. I also agree it is so dealer dependent. My first one was garbage and you could tell the truck was not taken care of. The second was much better and treated with kid gloves after corporate got involved - but it shouldn’t have come to that in the first place!
  4. Run away as fast as you can. the only way I’d consider it is if they replaced the window and then sold it. otherwise go look for another AT4 elsewhere
  5. Seems like they gave you the wrong replacement window. Almost everyone else has been getting Fayuo 43R—0000072 ive been leak free for a month with this window. We will see i haven’t noted any popping noises from roof / spoiler like I did with old Fayuo window
  6. Thanks for the info. Happen to have any photos? Would be interesting to see the tear down images.
  7. Interesting. And not good that a replacement window failed. That makes two replacement windows that have failed on the forum if I’m remembering correctly.
  8. What model new window did you get? I cannot remember.
  9. Bottom corner of the window. also would be interesting to note if you can see any cracks along the upper window frame from the inside.
  10. Can you please tell us the model number of the Second window that Leaked? Ie vitro vs fayuo and the numbers beside it?
  11. Having had my spoiler seam sealed at the holes, and then having a window replaced later, I can tell you the spoiler comes off with the seam sealer there (you can find some photos of my truck taken apart earlier in the thread if you want to see what it looks like off the truck after seam sealer applied)
  12. That is a Vitro window (different manufacture). Both of my windows were FAYUO. I don't know if anyone on this thread can explain the difference between the two manufacturer companies. I suspect they started with one, changed suppliers, and then changed part numbers again. But who knows?? I just know the most up to date part number they are telling me is FAYUO 43R-000072
  13. so far leak free - just had a raging 8 hr rain yesterday so i'm hopeful that this will be the end of discussion. I have been assured as such. But honestly, I was leak free with the other ones for 6 months so we will see if this one lasts that long too. I can't really tell much difference from the inside to see if they beefed anything up or not.
  14. Interesting because 43R-00072 is what I have in my window right now as a replacement
  15. Your dealership sounds like my first dealer and they were an absolute joke. Go somewhere else. Run somewhere else. Night and day getting into the right spot
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