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  1. I think I'm either on 509 or 507 as well. Very annoying. 12/2018 build date
  2. Neil Huffman in Frankfort Kentucky. That was true employee pricing. The guy in Berea would have matched as well as Tim Short GMC. Don Franklin in Lexington would not match. Hope that helps. My understanding isn’t that you will likely have to look outside Georgia for your best deal.
  3. New to forum, doing my research on 2019 Sierra. Wanted to know what everyone thought of this deal MSRP 59.960 (SLT with premium plus, X31, etc) Able to get employee pricing and rebates, puts me at 46.660 + TTL (75 doc fee) plus lifetime powertrain coverage I'm someone who keeps cars forever I have noted a few people say they can beat the employee deal easily, and I haven't tried to negotiate any more, but there are quite a few dealers in my area that state they will honor the employee price. All claim lifetime powertrain coverage. Anything else I could ask for to sweeten the pot or is this a pretty good deal?
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