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  1. Having had my spoiler seam sealed at the holes, and then having a window replaced later, I can tell you the spoiler comes off with the seam sealer there (you can find some photos of my truck taken apart earlier in the thread if you want to see what it looks like off the truck after seam sealer applied)
  2. That is a Vitro window (different manufacture). Both of my windows were FAYUO. I don't know if anyone on this thread can explain the difference between the two manufacturer companies. I suspect they started with one, changed suppliers, and then changed part numbers again. But who knows?? I just know the most up to date part number they are telling me is FAYUO 43R-000072
  3. so far leak free - just had a raging 8 hr rain yesterday so i'm hopeful that this will be the end of discussion. I have been assured as such. But honestly, I was leak free with the other ones for 6 months so we will see if this one lasts that long too. I can't really tell much difference from the inside to see if they beefed anything up or not.
  4. Interesting because 43R-00072 is what I have in my window right now as a replacement
  5. Your dealership sounds like my first dealer and they were an absolute joke. Go somewhere else. Run somewhere else. Night and day getting into the right spot
  6. All the dealers around here sub contract out to local glass company.
  7. Just wanted to update what I hope is the end to this saga: Just got my truck back for what I hope will be the last time. Went to a second dealership, and it was night and day difference in the service (also probably helped that GM exec's were aware of what was going on). But man, it gave me hope that there are at least a few good techs out there that can do the job properly. They replaced my replacement window because the glass guy at the original dealership didn't seal it correctly. It is still the FAYUO 43R-000042 window, so that hasn't changed. The paint has been taken care of. The headliner looks l like new. They cleaned up the mess of caulk left by the original caulk job. Overall, they did an amazing job but it took forever and a day and some conversations with the right people to make it happen. Now the big test is this week - storms 90% and above for the next 5 days. Praying it doesn't leak again, but so far this morning it has been solid. I guess the moral of the story is, if you don't get a good vibe from the first dealer, don't be afraid to run like hell to another one.
  8. I have heard the same stories but pinned them down on a number in writing with email / text. Haven’t received any of it yet since I haven’t actually gotten my truck back yet. We will see
  9. Someone a long while back mentioned class action discussions with a law firm. I wonder what became of that? I looked at one of my rental car invoices while I was driving around waiting for a window - 2 grand! GM is losing their shirt no on this stuff I would imagine.
  10. I hand washed only for 5 months. Daily driver. Summer and fall. Nothing strenuous. Still leaked like a sieve. So don’t think for one second that hand washing will save everyone from a faulty design. im still shocked I was told they haven’t changed anything in the design process to fix this mess. What a disaster.
  11. Dropped November 6th. I’ve got you beat!
  12. I’m thinking 4 or 5 but I’m not certain as I never saw the spoiler off the truck.
  13. Best bet is to try and find a crack on that plastic piece up there and point it out because the TSB is to replace a window if a crack is there. Absent a crack, they are supposed to do the caulk job and at that point you are at the mercy of whatever GM and the dealer decide to do. Good luck. Keep checking in here.
  14. No way of knowing. just last week I was on the phone with a regional service person / GM brand quality manager and I was told ‘there is no VIN break’ regarding the window, ie;they have not changed manufacturing process one bit regarding the window defect since the original production run. what a joke.
  15. Did they take your window out without removing the spoiler? and that caked on yellow stuff looks like the original repair wasn’t done like the TSB requires.... doesnt look anything like other repairs on here
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