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  1. Thanks, we have tested all the components of the ignition system. We scanned the truck during operation, everything works good fuel trims are perfect and no signs of a problem. The only thing that showed concerns the injectors not operating properly. We replace the injectors same issue.
  2. Yea I thought about driving it into the ocean lol, there only 2 things I have not replaced the fuel pump an the computer.
  3. We replace all the sensors. Everything was stock on the old engine .
  4. It the same issue as before. The truck has 200k on it. Originally the valve train was causing the P300 decided to replace the engine. With high mileage decided it would be the best option.
  5. When we had the engine out each grounding point was cleaned an wires replaced.
  6. Thanks for the input. We performed the CASE relearn after the installation of the new engine.
  7. Yea it cranks over an runs, but with a real rough ideal. It not all the time though. So.e days it runs great an the next it's not
  8. Chasing the p300 code. Put a new engine from Jasper an new injectors in order correct the P300 due to valve being worn decided to replace the whole engine. I am lost on what is causing the problem. Fuel pressure is at 62psi. Not sure if it's the computer is messed up no codes show bad computer. Any suggestions
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