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  1. Hi Phil they are 2018 upwards Silverado 2500HD LTZ Z71 trucks they are being converted to RH drive by HSV in Australia they are also converting the Camaro look it up on youtube. I have been following your mirror conversion post and have a set of powerfolding DL3 mirrors genuine and the genuine harnesses I dont have the truck yet so I cant confirm what they have done in the doors but have been told by a tech from within HSV that they are using modules to make the Left door think its the right and the right think its the left yes sounds confusing but also because of what they have done the DL3 mirrors will not powerfold so I have been told. The DL8 mirrors which are on the truck standard only power fold from the door control. The trucks they bring in dont have DL3 mirrors so when I get inside the doors I will be able to see what they have done I believe they have gone down this road to save money on the conversion process. Back to my original post thanks for those pictures and do you have one of the spalted quilted maple? Jeff
  2. Thanks for that Phil! I have been following your towing mirror upgrade as well but may run into problems as the company doing the conversion (left to right hand drive) are using some module to make the standard LTZ mirrors work and tell me that the towing mirrors won’t power fold.
  3. Hi I am new member to this site but have been following posts on this site for quite awhile, Iam soon to be the owner of a 2019 Silverado 2500HD LTZ Z71 in Australia I have just sold my 2007 Classic extended cab Silverado 2500HD I have had since new and can only hope that the new one will give me the same reliable service. My question is does anybody have any good photos of the different wood grain inserts that are in the High Country and the Denali, I am particularly interested in the darker colours quilted spalted maple, mineral caster and I think the grand momiji is the standard in the High Country. I have searched everywhere to find decent photo,s but to no avail. The colour of the truck is graphite mettallic with black trim with the standard silver looking inserts. Jeff
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