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  1. How do I get the plug apart to add the new wires
  2. There are 7 part numbers for the wiring leads. So if I want to use all four Aux switches I have to order a set of 7 for every switch and then a GM relay for the fuse panel. Correct??? Or call me 314-791-3249
  3. OkK still Ned some help. I installed the upfitter switch. All exciting switches work. AUX 1-4 light up when toggled. I went to the junction box and located pins ,4,14, and 20. I installed a fuse in slot 22 for upfitter switch 1 and I go nothing at the junction box. I tried both positive and negative with the test light on pin #1. What am I missing? Should I get some indication with a test light?
  4. I’m still not sure. Myself. The post was not as clear as I need.
  5. Thanks that is exactly the switches I need. Went the the GMC shop and asked them for this bank of switches and they could not look up anything without a vin for a vehicle with the right switch bank. Not like the old days when a parts guy knew his parts.
  6. Looking for auxiliary switch options for my 2016 2500HD. Really don’t want to cut a bunch of holes and want to them to easy to reach.
  7. This looks like a lot of technical work. I have a 2016 will 3 switches now. Traction control cargo light and engine brake. I want to go with the 7 switch you showed in this post. Does each switch have its own plug or is a group one plug system?
  8. Where can I get. The factory up fitter switches for my 2016 GMC 2500HD
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