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  1. 2” or 3” leveling kit?

    Has anyone ran into problems after having the 3 inch level on ? Wear and tear such ? I know the angles are pretty steep , haven’t heard how everything has held up after a little time
  2. Chrome or black

    Newer .. I’ve had since about February. . Definitely not leveled and I’m not a fan of how much rake it has . Yes I’ve heard mixed reviews on a lot of leveling kits . Some say they have a lot of problems others seem to have none (yet) . I will keep the stock wheels most likely going to run those in the winter ( I live in Indiana ) with a bigger mud terrain . I like the look of chrome just more maintenance to keep nice . Where as black even if dirty look good most of the time
  3. Rough country makes a nice one if you want to spend the money
  4. Chrome or black

    By headlight casings meaning change to the black trim around ? Was thinking a set of anzos with black surroundings
  5. So as I am starting to add things to my truck and pick out wheels . I find myself with a problem , do I go with a chrome or gloss black with milled trim wheel . I am thinking the hostile sprocket but can’t decide on which color mostly likely a 20x10 with either a 2.5 or 3 inch level .Also any suggestions on must have upgrades for a 14 Silverado

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