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  1. Hey Justin, what’s the fix for those leaking vents?
  2. Hey raid0072 - This is an old thread, but curious if you found the problem/solution? I have a 2015 2500 and had the local dealer investigate my mildew/water leak and they told me it was a rear window leaking which I previously had replaced at a glass shop due to breakage. They denied any problem with the truck. So, I returned to the glass shop who happily pulled the window out and resealed for me. So, I thought the leak was taken care of. Since this truck is primarily for pulling a 5th wheel and not a daily driver, and the fact that it has to be rainy to get a build up of leaking water in the cab, I did not notice that the mildew smell was not fading and eventually that it was actually getting worse because the leak was still happening. Finally, I had the time to spend a weekend tearing the seats out along with the carpet and padding all over the back of the cab. I found very obvious leaks at the bottom of each of the pressure vent assemblies mounted in the back wall of the cab. This is either a very poor design or the rubber vent seals are made of poor material... or both! Upon removing the vent assemblies, I found mud/dirt deposits along the inside surface of the seals where water flow was obvious. This flow was funneled right into the cab by a notch at the bottom of the wall cutout! So, I went back to my dealer (H&H Chevrolet in Omaha) and told them they had missed the leak and asked if there was any kind of service bulletin about this problem. The service manager said there was no such bulletin and he had never heard of a leak in those vents. I find it very hard to believe that GM does not know about this since it seems like a likely scenario for any truck with these vents. I'm going to try a couple of solution ideas (like adding weather stripping around the seal), but I think this might be my last GM product after 40+ years of owning nothing but GM (78 Big 10, 86 Monte Carlo, 90 Suburban, 90 Astro, 95 Tahoe, 02 Avalanche, 06 Avalanche, 10 Yukon, and now the 2015 2500). The first of the pics below shows the obvious water trail mark on the inside cab wall below the vents - both sides look like this. The second pic shows the dirt deposits inside the vent's seal (after I removed it) indicating that there has been water flowing there for quite a while. So, that seal is good only for holding the water inside at the bottom, but not to keep it out from somewhere above. ... and GM has never heard about this problem?? I doubt that!

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