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  1. Mine used to be so smooth that you couldn't feel it when it was idling and then at about 3700 that all changed. Now I feel like it's misfiring at idle. No issues under load or acceleration, only when idling. No check engine light or any pending codes but every time I retrieve the on-board monitoring data (Mode 6), there are multiple cylinders that are showing misfire counts. I'm curious if you or anyone else that might have a similar issue has retrieved the $06 data.
  2. I had a ‘17 with 5.3 and that always made a slight tick, so when I got the ‘19 I was surprised how quiet it was in comparison. I guess we’ll see what comes of the PIP5606C when GM comes out with a fix. Thanks for the info.
  3. Are you still hearing the sound? Mine is doing it intermittently. Also since the sound started the idle is not silky smooth as it used to be. It feels like it’s misfiring during idle, however no drivability issues. I’ve pulled Mode 6 data from the ECM on dozen occasions and shows anywhere from 1-4 misfires on multiple cylinders per driving cycle but not always the same ones. No pending codes or CEL. Listening to your video sounds the same to me as mine.
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