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  1. I too wondered what the point was, but I after riding in my daughter's car with them, I realized how much I enjoy them. I have been looking for a pair for my truck, but I see there are a lot of in-channel users here and that was one of the ones I was debating. I see pros and cons of the two I am debating about, but maybe someone here can give me some advice on the in-channel and outside the window (that stick on). Here are the ones, I am debating: In-channel Pros: They seem more sturdy because they fit inside of the window seal. Cons: They seem smaller/shorter. Outside window deflectors Pros: They are larger and allow more air flow in when cracked. Cons: They are on the outside of the truck, so do they fall off easily, i.e. after a hard storm or when going through a car wash?
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