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  1. Hi, I have a 2010 Sierra 2500HD that has the AP8 (Remote start prep) and looking to install GM part 19171129 2 Way remote start kit. I called my dealer for the install as I know the body module will need to be programmed. They said it should have come with a card that has the GM authorization code on it? I don't see that in the box? What gives? Do I need that number for them to code the model? Anyone have this kit installed ever? https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-remote-start-19171129
  2. I'm the second owner. Got it this spring. Yes it's my 2010.
  3. Guess my 132k 6.0 still had the oem plugs. I never seen the tip worn like this. All 8 are the same. The gap is +.60. I cannot believe it ran as good as it did. I'm almost guessing the 132k being correct?
  4. Just because they are not leaking doesn't mean they are working. I just replaced mine with Blistiens..the fronts just fell apart when I took them out. I have 133k on them. As far as the Blistiens, I'm a blistein fan as I use them on my race car but the truck shocks aren't anything to write home about. I get more bounce in the front now. Still not bad, but I don't think I would spend the money again on them. I guess they look good though on the truck.
  5. Goop enough crap on that..out of sight..out of mind..ha Reminds me of my old XJ jeep. It about broke in half when I took it wheeling.
  6. Getting my MSR changed out today. They are beat..and super loud. Went with bridgestone dueler revo 3s. I'm getting old and what a fairly quiet AT tire. I'll let you know if I like them or not. Oh and i'm keeping the 285/75/16 size as they look more right on the truck. The 265s from the factory are comical.
  7. I'm a firm believer in Fluid Film. My truck came from road salt heaven (Canada). It was Fluid Filmed early in it's life. 9 years later and only have minor surface rust. Heavier rust in the spots where the fluid film washed off. I'm going to reapply before winter hits.
  8. I'm going to get new tires soon. Think the tire place will have issues with this damage? Wheel doesn't appear to be bent.
  9. Do any companies offer programmers for a 2010 GMC 2500HD? I see speedo correction, but no programmers.
  10. GM list two different part numbers for a long beg vs short bed hitch. Any idea what the differences are? I found a hitch on C list, but it's for a 6.5 bed when I have the 8'. It's a good deal, but no sense getting it if I need to make it fit.
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