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  1. Yes, agree also, thanks. Plan to remove the wheels this weekend and have a look for myself. I don't believe that it is the brake pads themselves that are rusted, rather its something with the brake caliper/pad that is causing concern, whatever it is my mechanic indicated that its not typical. I will try and post a pic over the weekend if I get a chance. Yes the outer edges of the rotors do take a beating due to the winter conditions here in VT and show rust. However that is not the concern and why it wouldn't pass the safety inspection. If that was the case very few vehicles pass VT safety inspection. For example our other car has 32K miles and has similar rust on the outside edge of the rotor but passed inspection without a problem. Will report back with what the dealership has to say. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I recently had my 2019 Silverado 1500 RST into my local shop for a state safety inspection (located in VT and required to have a yearly inspection), and was shocked to find out that the truck wouldn't pass inspection. The technician said that the brake pads were severely rusted / corroded and that I would need ~$800-worth of brake repairs in order to be able to pass inspection. They also said that in their opinion, this should not have happened and should be covered by warranty, and that they have seen the same thing on other 2019+ Silverados. The truck has just under 29K miles on it. Its the 5.3l V8, and is my daily driver. Do not off road with it (unless riding gravel back roads is considered off roading). Pull a 2-place snow mobile trailer with it about 5-6 times a winter. By most standards, I would say the truck lives an easy life. I've just begun the battle with Chevy over whether or not this should be covered under warrantee, its scheduled to be into the dealership next week, but wanted to reach out to see if others have seen similar issues and have had luck with getting the brakes repaired under warranty? TIA.
  3. Your setup looks great, have been wanting to upgrade to the Eibach lifting struts and rear shocks, could you provide the part number for 2” TB rear blocks or where you purchased? Do you know how much rake your truck had prior to installing the Eibach struts? And how much after? Thanks for the help.
  4. Sounds like these shocks work with a 1-2 inch rear lift block on a non-Trail Boss / AT4 Silverado, correct? Also does anyone know if Bilstien is working on a lifting strut kit for the new Silverados/Sierras? Looking to replace shocks/struts on all 4 corners and would be great to do it all at the same time and prefer to use the same brand. Thanks.
  5. It’s 3M 1080 black carbon fiber vinyl, purchased the 1ft by 5ft sheet on Amazon. Cost was about $25, was supposed to come with “tools” but I never received any. One thing to mention, had to run the “fibers” of the vinyl the other direction on the passenger side trim because it’s a mirror of the drivers side pictured above. The reason why is because the vinyl was not wide enough to cover the piece of trim when rotated 90d, the trim is ~14-15” wide, the vinyl is 12” wide. Not a super big deal, but will change it eventually so that they match.
  6. Wasn’t feeling the brown faux wood grain in my RST, so picked up some vinyl, like the way it came out.
  7. Have a request for all of the Retrax tonneau cover owners out there, wondering if someone could provide a measurement of the space remaining under the canister, between the bottom of the canister and the truck bed? Trying to make a decision on which cover to buy for my Silverado. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just picked up a Silverado RST Z71 double cab MSRP - $47290 Sale - $35735
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