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  1. Thanks! Looks the like dealership did screw this up when I bought the truck then. I'm sure this will be fun to try to get fixed.
  2. Would you mind checking your mychevrolet account online and letting me know if your extended warranty shows up under the warranty tracker section? I bought the GM backed extended warranty in April and I'm concerned because I just noticed that the online tracker only shows the standard 3yr/36,000 mile warranty. I'm trying to figure out if the dealership didn't process the paperwork correctly or if it just doesn't show up like that on the website.
  3. Well you’re wrong in this case. I didn’t make this thread to try and teach people the difference between the GM extended limited warranty and the third party maintenance contracts that they try to sell you. There’s already threads on this site about that. But if you don’t believe me, google GM extended limited warranty.
  4. Yea I know many of the warranties are through third parties. I specifically asked for the one through GM when I was at the dealer though because I didn’t want to deal with a third party. Literally exactly the same as the 3 year/30,000 but just extended to 5 year/60,000.
  5. When I bought my truck in April, I opted to buy the extended limited warranty (5 year/60,000). I noticed today that when I log into my Chevrolet, the warranty timeline only reflects the standard 3 year/30,000. Can anybody confirm if the my Chevrolet dashboard should reflect the extended warranty? They told me that the warranty was tied to my VIN so I figured it would be updated in the GM system. I’m wondering if the dealer forgot to actually add it to my VIN. Please note: I am talking about the “extended limited warranty” that extends the GM bumper to bumper warranty. Not t
  6. I have mine on 12v/Infinite with no issues. I’ve only been driving my truck about two miles per week due to Covid so it’s not running the camera in parking mode most of the time these days. But if I drive enough to top off the battery the parking mode easily goes all night. I’ve never paid attention to the max time though. I have it set to motion detection. Do you have it recording all the time in parking mode?
  7. Any update on this project? I'm working on something similar but I never thought of using the knob to switch cameras. I have a dash cam mirror that I'm going to install soon but I'm going to use the rear camera as a trailer camera for when I tow my enclosed trailer. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate a front camera into this setup as well. Can you send me some links to the equipment and cables you are using? I'm not super knowledgable about electronics so even finding the right four pin cable to extend the camera reach to the back of my trailer has been difficult! lol
  8. Anybody add a second monitor inside their cab? I'm wanting to mount one to use for a front camera and trailer camera but I'm unsure where the best place to mount it would be. Seems like the window mounts would obstruct my vision a bit but I don't know if there's a better option.
  9. Do you have any pictures of your monitor setup? I am thinking about doing something similar for a front camera and a trailer camera but I'm unsure of how/where to mount the monitor.
  10. Sorry, didn't see you said OTD. I was talking about before TTL. MSRP was a little over $53K and I got it down to 41K plus running boards. They even had to transfer the truck from a different dealer 150 miles away.
  11. I got a little over $12K off mine (RST CC 4X4 as well) so I'd say shoot for at least $45K
  12. I had intermittent problems with my '17 Sierra. No problems at all with my '20 Silverado. Used the same authentic apple cable in both trucks.
  13. I used the passenger side fuse panel. F23 for Accessory and F46 for battery and it works great.IMG_1588.HEIC
  14. How far does a can of that stuff go? I think I'm going to get some. Just trying to decide how much I should buy.
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