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  1. So then that isn't the case for me, but rather someone screwed it. We will see what the dealership does on Thursday.
  2. Same, but most plug into the 4pin trailer plug, which I dislike, mostly because that plug cover opens from the top, but secondarily I do not know if it activates the trailering mode on the truck. I have thought about wiring in another 4pin flat behind the bumper, just splicing off the loom, but that does not answer the question on the trailering application.
  3. 3, so Mexico made and in fact it says so at the top of the sticker. If you are in fact correct about the last six digits, mine is in the 30k range. I'm still not sure if that is considered an early run or not!
  4. Neat. I ran out and checked, looks like 2/19. I'm not sure if that is considered an early model or not.
  5. I... have no idea. How/where would I check that?
  6. Update. I went by the dealership today and discovered that my issue is not a MultiPro tailgate issue, but an issue with my specific tailgate. I looked at several others and all were nice and straight across the top. On mine, it appears the plastic cap is bowed up. When the gate is open, the inner gap between the cap and the inside of the center panel (the part that flips down) is not symmetrical, where on others it is nice and even. Truck goes back next week to be inspected further.
  7. I believe that to be the case, yes. I'm thinking about grabbing a straight edge and heading to my dealership to prove it is not an issue with my specific tailgate, versus the model.
  8. The pictures are not great because I was in a hurry, but in the first you can see that while sitting on the top of the gate, it lifts up and causes a gap on the outside. In the second, I am holding the gate up and it contacts the cover. This is the same issue I had with the BAK F1. Interestingly the gasket on the Leer is much more robust and as a result of the improper shape, the gate does not auto drop. For anyone with the multipro gate, can you take a straight edge and lay it across the top? I want to be sure I do not have a bad/incorrect tailgate with a bow on the upper lip that should not be there. Thanks!
  9. So I put on the Leer HF350M today and I have run into the same issue. I will say, the Leer is significantly better than the BAK or Gator covers with regards to build and finish, I really like the cover, but it still has issues with the tailgate and the fact that it is not flat across the top. I have submitted a help request to Leer on their website, we will see what they say. Apparently they expect everyone to work through a Leer dealer, but my local dealer never sells any of their stuff and advocates for Truckhero products, which is unfortunate. I do hope Leer will work with me, because It is a sharp looking and easy to use cover.
  10. Can you get a close up of the fit? I have tried the BAK F1 and now the LEER HF350M and each do not fit right because of the slight bow on the multipro tailgate.
  11. I had/have this issue, even with the software update. I initially wrote it off as faulty wiring on my trailer and thus far it has been too hot to circle back to it. At some point I'm going to go buy a trailer LED light kit and test it. If you do the same, please let me know what you find.
  12. Let me know how that goes. I was looking really hard at the Leer but went with the TruckHero versions because of availability. Unfortunately, it is really disappointing.
  13. I have a 19 with the multi-pro tailgate. Currently I have a BAK F1 on it and the fit is fairly terrible. The front seal was far too thick, so I had to leave it off, yet the rubber trim on the cover does not sit down flush. The rep states the gasket should squish down, but the bolts for installing it are not long enough to allow for that to happen. If customer service cannot resolve, I may have to install my own, thinner seal. While I might be able to get it together with the thick seal once, it would not support frequent removal and re-installation. The drain tubes are the same size as the drain holes in the upper corner of the bed, so right now they're just stuck in there. As with the seal, I may put on my own, slightly smaller tubes, should customer service not be helpful and I decide to keep it. Lastly and the most important, the multi-pro tailgate is not flat. The center section has a slight bow and as a result, when the mounting rails are flush with the bed rails, the cover will not close. To resolve, I lifted the mounting rails to allow the cover to close once the gate is closed, but it will not work in reverse because the gate hits the cover (which was the main feature that caused me to upgrade to the F1). Beyond that, the rear corners have massive gaps, thus are not sealed nor secure. If you have a multi-pro gate, do be careful with the truckhero (Extang, BAK, Undercover, Gator, etc.) covers. Hopefully the customer service rep I'm working with gets back to me soon, otherwise I will be asking for a refund and looking for another manufacturer.
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