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  1. Congratulations sir. I applaud your basic electrical understanding.
  2. Never said anything about resistance in the issue I was experiencing, I was merely correcting your misunderstood definition about a short vs open circuit. We can continue this where I prove you inadequate in your knowledge base. Or we can move forward and get back to a source for a new factory headlight harness plug and pins. tbarn, have a good night and if you dont have anything of value to contribute then stop while you are ahead. MODS please close/lock this thread.
  3. tbarn, thanks for your unpearled wisdom. However by definition it is considered a short circuit. There are different kinds as you mentioned, but in general terms it is a short circuit. See definition below. Short circuit — In a device, an electrical circuit of lower resistance than that of a normal circuit, typically resulting from the unintended contact of components and consequent accidental diversion of the current.
  4. Problem solved: The factory harness had some corrosion inside of it causing the issue. So after depinning and making jumpers I now have working low beam. Anyone know some place I can order a factory replacement connector and terminal spades? The one coming from engine bay?
  5. 2014 Silverado factory halogen headlights. Noticed today my passenger side headlight did not work. Driver side low and DRL work, as well as High beams and fog lamps. Tried replacing bulb and still did not work. Verified new bulb was not burned out by bench testing and it worked without issue. Went to headlight plug and tested and got 12v. Upon installing the bulb and turning on truck still no light output and metered again and reading of 2v. Wondering if BCM is going out on that side as I cant see any corrosion on terminals or burned wires. Any ideas or helpful insight??
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