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  1. 2" Suspensionmaxx Leveling kit. OEM 17" machined aluminum wheels. BFG AT KO2 285/75R17. As mentioned in separate post, pictures don't do these trucks justice.
  2. 2" Suspensionmaxx front level. OEM 17" machined aluminum wheel. BFG AT KO2 285/75R17. Best looking Truck/Lift/Tire combination I've seen in a while. Picture doesn't do it justice. I know we don't buy these things for their outstanding fuel economy but I will say mileage dropped from 14 to 12.5.
  3. Looking for a set of chains to be used on unmaintained logging roads when the snow gets deep (10-12"+). I want the best chains available (durability and traction). From what I'm seeing the 4 link, V-Bar or studded, ladder style chains are at the top of the list but I'm not positive. I'm a research guy and haven't really found much on the internet/ YouTube for this application. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I think the mileage in the new 6.6 Gas variants will be better than the outgoing 6.0L options. From what I'm seeing, reading and hearing, it's likely you can expect 15mpg average vs 12mpg . A 15mpg average is about what I see in my '13 5.3L. Looks like most of the new ('19my+) half tons with gas motors are rated at 17mpg avg. Although a more powerful motor, I personally wouldn't consider the 6.2L as advertised mileage is roughly the same as the 5.3L however you will need to run 91oct+ to see those numbers. Also, I think it is widely excepted that the 5.3L is a more reliable, longer living motor than the 6.2. For what its worth... I'm currently in the market for a new truck. I have experience driving and towing with 1/2, 3/4 and 1 tons, gas and diesel. I currently drive ~20kmi/year and my truck is my daily driver. I tow a 7k pound boat (total) regularly at 72mph for 2 hours at a shot. I spend a considerable amount of time off road, on logging roads and in potentially deep snow. I haul a lot of gear on the weekends. I have two carseat aged kids. I appreciate safety, capability and durability over ride quality. I am currently working two deals on a '20 Sierra HD SLE 6.6L.
  5. I can confirm this information. I test drove a 6.6 Gas CC LTZ. Drove a 15 mile loop consisting of two stop lights, a busy traffic circle and rolling/winding country roads (45-60mph). I turned around in a parking lot and aggressively got up to 60mph once back on pavement; was happy with perceived acceleration. When I pulled back onto the lot the dash read 15.5 mpg. I did the same loop in my '13 5.3L ext. cab and got 15.0mpg.
  6. Didn't I see a YouTube video of a dealership that had 37x12.5s on a leveled AT4?
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