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  1. Stupid question: removed the fuse for the rear defroster but when I press the button the amber light still comes on. Is that normal? Also, in regards to my previous post - if anyone cares, I told them to not remove the rear glass and they just kept resealing the area until the leak stopped. Let hope it holds! Thanks for the help in advance. Dan
  2. 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. Hi I am wondering if anyone that has had their rear glass because of this problem replaced also had to have their car repainted? Long story short I had a little accident on the passenger side doors. Rear door bent into the cap pretty bad, so they had to replace the entire door cap. To weld in the cap they had to remove the rear glass. While doing the removal the glass company scratched the truck around the glass. Body shop had to get approval from insurance company to fix it which delayed the repairs. So now after almost a month and half I went to pick up my truck today. While they were washing it they noticed a leak from the rear glass. They told me it might have to be removed again and resealed. I really don't want to go through them painting the vehicle again. So, back to my question anyone run into the glass company/dealer scratching the vehicle while replacing rear window? I am starting to think my body shop is dealing with an incompetent glass company. Car otherwise looks like new. Any advice is much appreciated! Dan
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