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  1. I always get the loading screen as well. Seems typical to me and not a major issue. I Not sure if you noticed it before, but if you restart the truck within some period of time, it doesn’t have to reload the Nav. No idea on the muting part. Never had that issue. There is a setting in the menus that will lower the volume on startup. Perhaps if your volume is too high when you turn it off, the muting is part of the max volume limit taking effect.
  2. My key fob was stolen a couple weeks ago and I’d like to replace it. My SLT has the keyless entry/push button start, with remote start and tailgate lower. Talking to the dealer it’s about $350 for a replacement key and programming. Looking around online, I can get a replacement fob from www.carandtruckremotes.com for about $120 less than the dealer. Not sure if anyone has purchased from there, but it has highly rated reviews. The next step would be programming the new fob to work for my truck. I have one working fob now. I’ve looked around online and on this site and haven’t seen if this is possible to do yourself. I’ve seen a few things listed that say about turning the backup key in the door a few times, but wasn’t sure if that would work and make the key function properly (remote start, etc.). I’d also like the new key to be linked to “Driver #1” as this was always my settings, etc. Anybody replaced keyless entry/push button start key fob in a GMC without having to program it at the dealership?
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