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  1. I'm out of the way from most places. Halfway between I10and I20. 30 miles North of Ft Stockton, 60 miles from Odessa. I can't do much on my own now. Mostly small stuff. I have a shifter to install, so I can have more than [R]everse and [D]rive.Missing 2 or 3 screws,not sure if my junkbox has any that will fit the bill. And trying to get two tires installed. Vehicle is not on the road at this time, need to get the tries on and get it inspected. It has a nice Aluminium tool box,but alas, I need to remove it,, as I need to haul round bales,and the box is around 6
  2. My name is Wayne, AKA WA2YNE. I'm an 80 yr old Ham radio operator, hence the vanity call sign. I was born in WA, back in 1938, and wound up moving east during WW II. Was raised mostly in NY state, but also a bit in WA, D.C., VA, Texas and Germany. Germany was as a dependant, as y dad was in the army for 20 years. First was in Texas in 1952-53, and we lived on base at Ft Bliss. Was also in Texas two other times in the 1950's. Moved here for good about 14 years ago. Live in a small rural community called Imperial, in Pecos County. My truck is an extended cab 19
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