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  1. Last Thursday I spoke with Phil about upgrading from the DL3 on my 2019 2500 HD to the DQS. I had spent countless hours researching and even spoke with the "all knowing" dealership, both of which wasted my time. I finally ran across Phil the "Harness Dr", who in my opinion can teach the GM folks a thing or (tow). By Monday I had my towing mirrors installed and working. My mirrors showed up on Saturday and my hardness showed up on Monday, he ships like Amazon. The shipping method on my mirrors was super clean and safe, the harnesses provided everything as advertised, power fold, power adjust, cargo lamps, turn signals, heated, etc.. it all worked! The process took me 2 hours from cutting the tape. I just followed his video on youtube.com as I completed the steps. He even went above and beyond providing a few mods with parts and instructions. If you are looking to upgrade your mirrors/harnesses, Phil is your man! Ill Post some pics shortly.... Thanks Phil
  2. Please call me, I have sent you a couple of messages/emails. I know you are probably super busy but please call when you have a chance. I sent my number in a PM
  3. How do I get a hold of the Harness Dr. Phone number or email, walkie talkie, morris code, smoke signals? The guys sounds like the only person who knows what the hell he is talking about.
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