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  1. Very frustrated with my new 2018 GMC Canyon duramax only 3200 miles and have a engine light on due to I believe DPF & DEF tank level "OK" message. Engine shutdown with a lot of dash lights on then reduced power only 15mph after some checking and getting dark with 25 miles to home was able to drive home with check engine light on I filled the DEF tank this morning with almost 2.5 gal of new Blue DEF never any notice or indication of low DEF but I watch the DEF message in the DIC from day one when I filled it in November Not new to diesel presently own 6 other large & small rigs 1970--2015 this seams like a defect in the CPU not able to manually run a regen cycle with a emission light on Now dealer Tec says I don't know how to drive a duramax & should get a gas one. What kind of BS is that & they say warrantee may not cover the manual regen & new oil change needed after they toast the oil. what say anyone ?
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