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  1. That's a first for me. I would not have guessed that. Fuel pump priming upon opening a door. Thanks Greg
  2. Just purchased an RST Z71. I am noticing when I open the door there is a air compressor motor sound that comes from underneath the truck. It almost sounds like it is the motorized Step mechanism but I don't have the auto moving stair steps. Anyone have the same sound? Normal?
  3. Go to the dealer's parking lot and have them cold start three or four Silverado's and see if they all smoke the same as yours during start up. If they don't, then you have an issue & they should definitely look into it.
  4. I also see on Amazon they sell the same type OEM antenna that is a few inches shorter. This might be the way to go with me. Not a lot of money so I can start my analysis soon.
  5. Thanks guys for the quick replies. Mine is hitting the actual frame and not the door. I am glad to see we can find a good quality replacement (Craven Speed) for the Shorties....
  6. Does anyone have the issue with their antenna hitting the top of their garage door opening when pulling in and pulling out? After many months or years pulling in and out, is there a concern this antenna mount might become damaged or need replacing? I have also seen a potential aftermarket antenna that is half the height but don't know if reception would be effected.
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