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  1. Thanks, ill check it out. I do have my orignal harness but the dreaded reduced engine power took over on it and found mutiple chaffe points and breaks in the harness for the throttle body and im limited on money so id like to be able to fix it as is. Snap-on,Matco and Cornwell gets most of my paycheck lol
  2. Alright, so I did an engine swap on my 2005 silverado 4.8 with electronic throttle (Drive by Wire) to an 02 tahoe 5.3 with a cable setup. after a few weeks of trial and error I figured out niether Ecms will read each other setups in any configuration. So i went to the local pull-a-part and found the closest thing to my original harness. The harness is off an 03 thats drive by wire but has the 01 tahoe transmission range sensor which has two plugs instead of the 05 single plug. I currently have the 03 harness with my original intake with throttle body and ecm. The starter relay clicks when putting the key in the crank position but no dice. also my matco scanner wont connect to the ecm and every now and again the security lockout light will come on and so will the service brake system warnings along with the abs light and brake light. Im a diesel mechanic and dont have alot of experince on light duty trucks like this. Any help would be appreciated
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