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  1. I run Amsoil signature series 5/30 and change it every 3-3500 with oil samples from two separate companies. I do plan on swapping out the diff and t case fluid soon it’s about to turn 30k. I just want the best cooling capabilities I can have with out being stupid overkill. I plan on doing the thermostat and trans cooler this weekend, any suggestions on coolant type? Or additives
  2. I don’t drive it much if any in the winter, And it has the active shutter, I feel as it won’t have an issue warming up. Once I have the 180 installed I plan on turning the fans down so the come on slower. I just worry about the engine oil temp. I feel 240 is to much. Great In put I appreciate the responses darksky
  3. I already have the mishimoto trans cooler and a 180 thermostat, I haven’t installed them I was waiting to see if I should get a small engine oil cooler while I have everything apart for the installation. I set my fans to come on really early and it dropped coolant temperature to about 200 under normal use. Problem is I don’t want my fans working that hard for fear of them failing prematurely. I’ve never had my trans go over 200 but oil temp holds238-240 towing heavy.
  4. Looking into adding an after market engine oil cooler for towing reasons, i have had oil temperature up to 240 and it stays there. Looking to keep it just above 200. Curious to see if anyone has done it, if so what cooler and sandwich plates were used. Thanks
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