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  1. I'm happy to have found this forum and a spot to ask a question. I have a 2016 GMC Yukon XL and I tow a 5'x10' utility trailer & 19ft boat and I hate the small factory mirrors ( blind spot, power fold, puddle light ) style, when backing up, i lose sight of the trailer. I have asked at the GM dealer about factory tow mirrors to swap them out and they say there is nothing available. I wonder if its like the aluminum FORD, that if you don't order towing mirrors from the factory you can't add them because extra support in the door is required? Ive been on ebay and have seen some Denali and Escalade mirrors seem even bigger than the ones that I have and am not sure if the "Caddy" ones will plug and play because they have cameras ( the ebay ads say "not compatable" ). I need help! Ive read some other things in this forum, a guy named "phil" sounds like he knows his stuff. The real funny thing is that in the 2018 GMC brochure they show a Yukon XL towing a large Airstream travel trailer with the same mirrors I have, which I find hard to believe as a professional driver.
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