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  1. Sucks for them I enjoy my 19 have all the buttons.
  2. I pass I can care less about adaptive cruise control. The Xm 360L if you think about it if you have a 19 is only a software update because nothing has changed on the radio system itself. I can see them giving the 19 models that later on down the line. I am happy with my 19 Sierra Crew Cab Slt Premium Plus.
  3. Does any one think SiriusXm will give the 2019 user the new look for the dispaly. It is a sofware thing not a hardware thing.
  4. So i have a 2019 Sierra Slt crew cab. Saturday i went to the dealership to look at the 2020 just to see if anything has changed on them. Got inside the truck first thing i notice when i cut the 2020 truck on is that the radio display is different for the SiriusXm. Did some research and it is called SiriusXm 360L. So i asked the saleman he said nothing has changed on any hardware he even said that they had GM reps there and they said the samething. He said that will be a SiriusXm update not Gm. So just asking and wondering if any one heard anything about it. The new look is nice and fresh for it. I would be very disappointed if they do not update the radio since it is the same one.
  5. Hi there this may have been bought up but I still like some info. I had a 2017 GMC Sierra Sle. I started to use a USB well I decided to trade my 17 in and got a 19 GMC SIERRA SLT. I put my USB drive in it bit no album artwork at all. Does anyone know if gmc will release a software up date for this. That is about the only thing I am not happy about. I know it is something small but when you get use to something it tends to stick with you.
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