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  1. I would be down to swap. However im leasing my AT4 and aftermarket exhausts (the s type not being sold by gm) would affect my lease agreement.
  2. Hey man, I have the Borla touring (GM performance exhaust) for my 19 AT4 5.3. I absolutely love it but I wish it was a tad louder. I've read a lot of threads about the S type being too loud. I as well was wondering if I could swap the mufflers between the touring and S type. I may buy an S type muffler and switch out my touring muffler but Im not sure if that can be done. The touring has a nice tone, and isn't obnoxious. But then again, Im young and kind of dig the tone of the S type.
  3. Yes exactly! Those ruts can be deep and yeah definitely will keep that in mind!
  4. Sounds about right man they’re great trucks, down the road I plan on doing some addons!
  5. I recently took my 19 AT4 stock off-roading. Unfortunately I damaged my truck. Before I explain what happened, let me disclose that it was completely my fault and I am not blaming the truck or anyone besides myself lol. I love my truck! I was at the off-road park for about 30 minutes. I did some minor rock crawling (minor as in driving over rocks no larger than 6 inches in width). My problems began when I attempted to turn the vehicle around and exit the park. I drove into tire grooves about 2 -3 feet deep. The tire grooves were filled with water, so i could not see how deep they were. Next thing I know the truck is dipping and slams driver side bumper into the ground. As I Ieft the park, I then noticed that any time I would turn my wheel to make right turns, my tire on driver side would rub into the wheel liner. Long story short, my bumper was not only pushed upward but inward towards the wheel well. Took it to a reputable service/body collision shop near me and told me that I needed a new front valence, new bumper, new skid plate, and a new fog light bracket for my driver side fog lamp. Total cost is $3,150. At this point im beating myself up lol. Called my insurance company and they will cover it. All I have to do is pay my $250 deductible and I have a good driving history so my agent told me my premium will not be hardly affected. Just wanted to let anyone with stock AT4s and Trailbosses know to be careful going off-road. If you don’t have a lift, I would exercise caution. I’d hate to see anyone experience what I have gone through this past week. I will post a picture of my truck if you look at the bumper on the driver side you can see it being pushed inward as I described above. It doesn’t look bad from the front. I wish I would have taken a picture from the side to show you all.
  6. Hey man what lift is on the AT4? I have an at4 and thinking of lifting it. How do you like the lift?
  7. To be honest, if there has been a change in mpg, I haven't noticed.
  8. I purchased the GM Performance Exhaust upgrade for my 2019 GMC AT4 5.3. Its the Cat Back exhaust. I believe its similar to the Borla Touring Exhaust. However, I love it but wish it was a tad louder. Not going to complain though, because I did want more sound but nothing too annoying. Its been about 4 weeks and it has gotten louder. The tone is deep and sounds great. Overall Im happy with it. Hope this helps! Also I get no drone on the highway.
  9. Yeah ive seen a lot of people have issues with the lift on the AT4/trailboss. Wondering if I could squeeze a 2 inch leveling kit on my AT4. Seen people go with 1.5 and I wonder if its so they wont have any issues. What do you owners who have leveling kits think?
  10. 19 AT4 5.3 with tech package and 20s, so far only mods are the windshield decal. Love the truck drives surprisingly smooth for an offroad oriented trim. I have taken it offroad and it impressed me. #RideOnT1s!
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