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  1. I just wanted to make sure they fit before I even though about anything else lol, I actually got these Barley used, and barely I mean the donner truck had 1 mile on the odometer lol, so I got everything, loaded calipers, and both rotors, I’m going to try it in “stock” form and then upgrade pad and rotors as needed, I’m just stupid happy they cleared my wheels
  2. These clear 17’s, here they are clearing my 17x9 et0 Black Rhinos Primm wheels, I’m so F*#king happy Lol
  3. I’m pretty sure these should clear even 17 inch wheels, for those of us the went down to 17 inch wheels since the spare tire on these new Gen trucks is still a 17 inch. It would just have to be a low offset wheel to clear the outboard portion of the caliper. Pics are of both types of spares on 2020 Sierras at a local dealer of mine. Can anyone confirm this to be true? I just need to clear my 17 wheel barrels, my wheels have a concave and zero offset to clear the caliper width..
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